Lost Forever Under The Sweetest Fruit
Lost Forever Under The Sweetest Fruit

“Utopian Erotic”
Jack Hanley Gallery
327 Broome Street, New York, NY 10002
March 17 – April 17, 2016

Jack Hanley Gallery presents artist, Alphachanneling’s, first solo exhibition, “Utopian Erotic”, March 17 – April 17. Using watercolors and colored pencils, the artist depicts the passion of sexual unions in nature. Full body images are drawn and pay homage to ancient tantric positions as well as contemporary style images that would be in graphic novels. In the “Utopian Erotic” world, women are superior and sexual situations are unparalleled. The artist had many cultural and religious influences including Tantrism, Taoism, Buddhism, and Hinduism. In these cultures, sexuality is treated in high regard. Alphachanneling shares these beliefs and they are celebrated in the artwork.

Kitten being trained~ prints of this at ALPHACHANNELING.com

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Creating these compositions is strategic. Starting with simple lines that wrap and intertwine to become couples and also orgies. Then the artist goes back and places more detail into the piece, creating intricate backgrounds to make each picture unique. Various sex acts are transformed into different floral patterns and designs. The lotus motif is seen quite often in Alphachanneling’s work, as it is a symbol of purity, eternity, spiritual awakening, beauty, and fertility. The artist has said, “blooming self propagating expanding growth of the plants is motivated by the same life force that is compelling the characters in the images to merge with each other. So I see them as a natural compliment.”

⚡️Lovers cumming hard⚡️ this piece and others at @jackhanleygallery NYC opening 6-8pm Thursday March 17th

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Any sexual meeting between the couples depicted conveys colorful detailing and symmetry. The artist believes in repetition to create rhythm and opening the body for inner reflection. The ability to be open and to trust is extremely relevant in the positions that the artist draws the partners. They can be seen intertwining and arcing, creating almost creating a yin-yang symbol or just a circle. Along with the the notion of symmetry, Alphachanneling uses sacred geometry in his work. The couples, who may be perceived as appearing spherical, would represent, in sacred geometry, total inclusion and acceptance. This is a perfect description of the artist’s philosophy behind this exhibit.


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