Project Runway’s Season 2 Winner Daniel Vosovic invited XXXX Magazine to his Fall Preview Cocktail which took place at his very New York style apartment / showroom / design studio in Chelsea.  Fashionistas and fashion editors sipped cocktails while grooving to DJ Drek Martinez who played tunes from “Light Asylum” to “David Bowie” while checking out his latest looks. Vosovic’s Fall collection is a rendition of “The Modern Frontier Woman with a hint of S&M.” It looked like an Amish woman’s closet who secretly wants to be a dominatrix.

XXXX Magazine’s Brit Cato chatted with Vosovic about his work in the city where it all began.

DV: This collection is inspired by the modern woman.

BC: What does the modern woman today mean to you?

DV: Well for me it is the woman who likes to look sophisticated with a bag of tricks waiting for her in her closet..

BC: Are you talking about Sex Toys or some other deviant practice?

DV: Sex Toys.

DV: I like woman who are not afraid to practice S&M and still go out in there day to day life looking fashionable.

BC: I noticed! Especially  the sheep fur in your collection along side a charmeuse blouse with handcuffs printed on it…is that what you mean when you say a modern woman with tricks in her closet?

DV: Yes. But not just the modern woman. A woman who also replicates the frontier woman. Hint: The sheep fur. There are a lot of small details in this collection that shows someone that has all of those qualities in her. Like the handcuff print, the clear necklines with piercings attached. I like Darkness.

BC: Me too, and so does new generation of Fashion! I think that there is an unconscious awareness to it…

The collection presented a direction that everyone in fashion is looking for these days, Sexy, yet chic and real, which is what a lot of us young and old want to feel. New York designers are catching on to that style of woman such as Marc Jacobs and Alexander Wang to name a few and now Daniel Vosovic. Look out for this up and coming fashion star.

Fashion Liaison Brit Cato for XXXX Magazine
Photography by Scoge

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