Banksy is back again with his (or hers, or theirs?) unconventional approach to art-dealing. This time, you can be the owner of an original Banksy sculpture—if you guess its weight correctly. The “Banksy Dream Boat” is a sculpture that’s part of his acclaimed theme park “Dismaland,” and it gives ode to refugees. In a very DIY Banksy-fashion, the bid-slash-contest was announced on his Instagram page with the caption:

I’m raffling one of the boats from Dismaland for £2 at www.choose.love.

Fully remote controlled, top speed 3 knots, batteries included.

Just guess how much it weighs. It’s on display at the pop-up Help Refugees shop. 30 Fouberts Place, Carnaby Street, London until competition closes 22nd December.”

The competition closes at 8:00pm on December 22nd at the Choose Love store in London, and participants can make an unlimited amount of guesses without compromising their chances.

The instructions go as follows:

-Your guess should be to the nearest gram (for example a guess of about 5 kilos could be 4800g). You can even specify milligrams if you’re feeling confident. Closest guess wins the boat (the wooden plinth is not included in the weight guessing).

-Guesses not limited per person. All money donated goes directly to supporting refugees and displaced people. The organizers reserve the right to small print etc.

-Need a clue? The boat is constructed from a shop bought fiberglass hull customized with quick-cast resin figures which are foam filled and hand spray painted. Although the prize includes battery pack, that is not currently in the boat.

-Competition closes 8pm GMT December 22nd 2018. At which time the boat will be weighed by specialist students from Kings College London. The winner will be notified by email. In the event of more than one correct guess the winner will be drawn by lot.

-Boat dimensions: 90cm x 38cm x 42cm.

Choose Love is the world’s first store where you can buy real gifts for refugees, and it contains practical items like tents, nappies, and sleeping bags. But instead of taking them home, each purchase buys a similar item for someone who truly needs it.

In 2017, this new model of charitable giving raised nearly £1 million, it got the message out to over 200 million people, and it engaged celebrities, influencers and the public with a really positive message.

You can see the “Banksy Dream Boat” on display all this month in the pop up Choose Love store at 30-32 Fouberts Place, Carnaby Street, London, W1F 7PS.

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