Debi Mazar – Photography by Tina Turnbow for The Untitled Magazine

Untitled recently spoke with the multi-talented Debi Mazar, who stars as Maggie on the hit TV Land series “Younger”. As a result of the great work by her and her co-stars, the show was recently renewed for a 6th season. Debi grew up in New York where she shared many adventures with one of the most creative and stylish people around, Madonna, who she still remains friends with today. As a wife, mother, hairdresser, makeup artist, photograph collector, avid vintage lover and amazing cook, Debi is an all-around goddess. Check out some of her beauty tips and insights below to learn what makes Debi so fabulous!

Tina Turnbow: Your beauty and style is unique and bold. What are some of your favorite essentials to create your fabulous looks?

Debi Mazar: In short, I’d say lipstick, eyeliner, and hairspray. The most important thing for me is good, clean, healthy skin to start. I love products and try almost every sample given to me. I start with simple — Cetaphil Daily facial cleanser. Gets the job done! Being an actor I have to use more makeup than the average person, so keeping it clean is so important. I’m over 45, so now is my time to manipulate my skin and keep it activated!

Debi Mazar – Photography by Tina Turnbow for The Untitled Magazine

Tina: What skincare products are you using these days to keep your skin so luminous? Any special facials or treatments? Do you avoid the sun?

Debi: To remove makeup I currently use Omorovicza Thermal Cleansing Balm. This is great for removing heavier makeup. I also use Bioderma Sensitive H2O liquid makeup remover around the eye.

My moisturizer is key. My go-to face creme for the entire family is Dr. Hauschka’s Revitalizing Day Creme. I’ve used it since I was a kid. Even when I use my other current favorite cremes, I use Dr. Hauschka’s revitalizing day creme around my eyelids and all over my face. My skin has different needs per season. I am currently into the Natura Bissé line of products. Their serums are wonderful! In winter I like the Essential Shock Intense Complex serum, and the Diamond Extreme face creme. In summer I use their Diamond Life Infusion serum, and I generally don’t even need a moisturizer. If I have drier areas, I like the Diamond Face creme. I love the Neostrata Triple Firming Neck creme. It smells great and really works for firming and evening out pigment. I picked it up in Spain.

I always try to put on sunscreen in the summer, and my two favorites are Heliocare Ultra Gel SPF 90 and also NIA 24 SPF 30. Both are super lightweight and don’t mess with my makeup. I’m known for always having a parasol or an umbrella!

I don’t get facials — I do my own! Recently, at Sephora, I bought a cheap home face steaming machine that’s fantastic. Before I had this, I would simply boil a pot of water and put my face over it with a towel/tent over my head. Once pores were open, I extracted by using facial tissues over my fingers, and I go gentle and follow up with a mask. I do face masks two times a week. I love Omorovicza Deep Cleaning Mask. It pulls out dirt and makeup. I love Perricone MD Chloro Plazma mask. Deep cleans and perks up tired skin. I like La Praire cellular mask, too, brightens the skin. And there’s Caudalíe moisturizing mask, if I feel dry. Natura Bisse makes a great mask to lift and brighten your face before going out and there’s Diamond Ice Lift. It peels off, and my skin looks all glowy!

I’m a big fan of using rose water spray on my face several times a day. Wakes me up, and freshens my face, rehydrates my foundation. I use one from the health food store (Heritage store brand, $6) that’s super cheap and great! Or Mario Badescu Rose/Aloe spray. My kids love it too! Good tweezers for me are essential. I buy multiples when I find ones that I like. And I’m obsessed with a device NūFace mini. It’s a micro-current device that lifts and stimulates the face. For a body wash I’ve been using Dr. Bronner’s Hemp/Eucalyptus wash since I was a kid. And for body creme I love Nivea Essentially Enriched. It’s a classic! Santa Maria Novella Latte Corpo Melograno body milk is a favorite, too.

Debi Mazar – Photography by Tina Turnbow for The Untitled Magazine

Makeup is my friend! I Love it! Some days I think less is more and other days I think more, more, more! For a base/foundation I like Cle de Peau! I love it. I use the fluid and the Creme. Great coverage and it looks very natural. I don’t like much powder. I’ll use anything I have sitting around, as I use so little. Not a fan of high definition powder or mineral powder. They feel grainy on my skin. Edward Bess and Chantecaille and Jay Manuel all have lovely superfine powders. In my purse for a compact I have Maja Transparente or Guerlain Violet Powder. For highlighter I love Edward Bess Black Pearl Highlighter and pearl stick.

I use individual lashes or full strips by Red Cherry. I like their lashes and the strip is soft and doesn’t poke my eyes which are delicate. I use Duo lash glue in dark or clear. I’m a big fan of rubbing a pencil around my eye in a lite brown or taupe to make my lids a little greasy and sexy!  I love the eye pencils by Pat McGrath. They are super pigmented! And also Urban Decay’s Underground which has some sparkle. Surratt also makes Lid Laquers that look great!

I’m an eyeliner queen and my favorite is Troy Surratt’s Auto Grafique eyeliner. It glides on and has the best tip. And it now comes in four colors – black, brown, purple, and blue! It’s also become both of my daughters’ favorite! For an eyebrow pencil my favorite is Kevyn Aucoin’s Precision Brow pencil. It has a nice shade of dark brown. Sometimes I’ll add a bit of dark brown eye shadow to make my eyes more dramatic. My mascara is always the same — lots of Definicil by Lancôme in blackest black. For bottom lashes I love MAC Extended Play in Giga blacklash. The tiny wand is great. I am one step away from Tammy Faye!

I love my lipsticks! I try them all, and I use all shades. I’m known for a strong, red lip and just about everyone makes a nice one. Pat McGrath’s formulations and packaging are gorgeous, very strongly pigmented. Edward Bess makes a big red lipstick, the biggest lipstick you’ve ever seen! It’s super phallic, great gift for lipstick gal! Blush and contour are super important to give a little flush to the face. I am not a fan of the new thing where people have stripes on their faces and highlighter on the nose. That looks uber Kardashian. Don’t get me wrong, I think lines on the face are cool. I just don’t like when people blow them completely out with filler and too much Botox. Takes away all character. I don’t like when women shoot up their lips to ducky proportions. It’s always obvious and aging.

My hair is a big part of my look, which has basically been the same my entire life. Snatched back, scraped off my face with a ponytail. Chignon, fall or turban. I take good care of my hair, which takes a beating at work. I try to keep my hair oiled and conditioned when I’m not filming. I don’t blow dry or use irons unless I’m forced to. I like my hair super shiny, slicked or a shiny lacquer hair spray if I have a “hairdo”.

Debi Mazar – Photography by Tina Turnbow for The Untitled Magazine

Tina: When it comes to vintage and new, do you like to mix it up? Where are some of your favorite places to shop?

Debi: In terms of my wardrobe, I just wear what makes me happy. Some days I’m simple NYC sporty/street. But generally I always pull some look together. I’m a fan of combing flea markets and eBay. I pick up wonderful finds during my travels. I mix cheap finds with cool belts and jewelry. I always like a waist line. My weight fluctuates so it’s always a challenge, but I manage! I am a walking Christmas tree at times. I’m a Leo and I love to sparkle and wear bold colors. My kids ask me to “look normal” and I say, “Never! What is normal!?”

I currently live between New York, Florence and Madrid. There is no shortage of things to inspire me between people, museums, and art. I have an eye for finding cool things no matter where I go, and even I even redesign them. I go to button and fabric stores constantly. I probably should have been a designer! Who knows, it’s never too late!

Tina: Back in the days when you were doing Madonna’s makeup, do you recall a favorite look?

Debi: As for Madonna, I can’t take credit for her looks! Girlfriend is an original. She tells me what she wants. I’m sure as friends we have inspired one another over the years. History repeats itself. Madonna, like myself, is voracious for culture all over the world! We never stop with our curiosity! Stay focused and take care of yourselves. Believe that at any age, ethnicity or shape that you are amazing! And remember — the simplest way, is always the way.

Photography and Makeup: Tina Turnbow
Hair: Owen Gould

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