Opening of ALL TOO HUMAN : with Daniel Arsham
‘Future Relic’ was created by Daniel Arsham for All Too Human in Boston. Image courtesy of All Too Human.

Boston is best known for accents and avid sports fans but new boutique, All Too Human, may put the city on the fashion map. The retail space is a fashion and lifestyle concept store that integrates music, art and design, exhibiting temporary installations, collaborations, and special events.

Daniel Arsham photographed by Indira Cesarine for The Untitled Magazine

For the October 27th launch of All Too Human, owner Jessica Knez and partner Joseph Morrisey unveiled a very special collaboration with Daniel Arsham. The famed artist created a one-of-a kind sculpture specifically for the store. Titled Future Relic, the piece is a calcified version of a Boston Celtics warm-up jacket and marks the artist’s first showing in the city. It will be a permanent fixture at the new boutique.

Opening of ALL TOO HUMAN : with Daniel Arsham
All Too Human in Boston. Image courtesy of All Too Human.

Aside from Future Relic, Arsham also designed T-shirts for the retail space. The black tees are emblazoned with the words ‘Arsham Archaeology Field Crew’ and instantly transform the wearer into a member of the artist’s team of future archeologists. Of All Too Human and working with Arsham, Knez stated:

“All Too Human is unique because we are continually reinterpreting the relationship between art and fashion, and challenging both international and local artists to collaborate in new ways. It’s been an incredible experience to partner with Daniel and to create something really special for Boston that is both iconic and thought provoking.  We were able to utilize the concepts that Daniel’s been developing in his art practice and design limited-edition apparel pieces sold exclusively at the boutique.” – Jessica Knez

We asked Daniel Arsham about his experience collaborating with All Too Human. Check out the interview below and stop by All Too Human on your next Boston trip.

Opening of ALL TOO HUMAN : with Daniel Arsham
T-shirts created by Daniel Arsham for All Too Human. Image courtesy of All Too Human.

The Untitled Magazine: How did you get involved with All Too Human?

Daniel Arsham: I met Jess through Claire Distenfeld. She invited me to Boston and I was interested in many of the designers she was working with like Gosha Rubchinski. From there we talked about collaborating.

UM: This is your first art opening in Boston and you are showing an object that is near and dear to the heart of the city – a Celtics jacket. How did you decide on that? Was it a collaborative decision with Jessica and Joseph?

DA: It was the first thing we discussed. I have done a lot with basketball and the Celtics are a classic team.

UM: What sort of processes do you use to create your geological pieces?

DA: It’s a secret.

UM: Aside from the jacket, you also unveiled a clothing line with All Too Human. Can you explain the concept behind the t-shirts, what is the “Arsham Archaeology Field Crew”?

DA: Those who wear it are part of my team.

UM: Speaking of collaborations, you recently created the artwork for Usher’s latest albumHard II Love. How did you get involved with that project?

DA: Usher has been a friend for many years and I always have made suggestions to him about art, stage design, and other visual elements in his music. Finally he just asked if I wanted to work on it myself.

UM: What’s next for you, are there other places where you would especially like to debut your future archeology?

DA: I have a solo exhibition at the High Museum in Atlanta in early 2017.

Joseph Morrissey, Jessica Knez, Daniel Arsham
Joseph Morrissey, Jessica Knez, Daniel Arsham at All Too Human. Image courtesy of All Too Human.

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