Eight, Eighteen

Linda Pace Foundation
112 W. Rische
San Antonio, Texas 78204

October 12 – March 29

The Linda Pace Foundation is presenting the exhibition, Eight, Eighteen by Teresa Hubbard and Alexander Birchler. The exhibition will include two video installations, including the world premiere of Eighteen and a selection of other recent video and photographic work.

The Linda Pace Foundation supported the creation of EighteenEight was first presented at Artpace in 2002 in an exhibition curated by Artpace Director, Kathryn Kanjo. It revolves around a young girl’s birthday party and her home on a rainy night. Almost a decade later, Hubbard/Birchler began searching for the actor they had cast in Eight. They found her in Boston, where she has grown up to become a dancer. Thus began the project, Eighteen.

As in the work Eight, Hubbard/Birchler have developed a narrative perspective that is unsettling and does not come to closure. As the protagonist journeys from one place to another, linear time, fact and fiction, and the solidity of physical shelter constantly slip around her. Steady, uninterrupted camera movements straddle constructed and actual locations, inside and outside, rain and sunshine, day and night, summer and winter.

Eighteen incorporates three musical compositions, arranged and performed on guitar: the Gymnopédies by Erik Satie. Written for piano in 1888, Satie’s movements share a common structure and collectively are regarded as an important precursor to modern ambient music.

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