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Dedicated philanthropist and socialite Emma Snowdon-Jones held a very different kind of birthday celebration this year. Snowdon-Jones, along with Ukrainian vodka brand Zirkova One+Together, whose counterpart is the charitable non-profit organization We Are One+Together, held a fundraiser to benefit Citta.org and APNEAAP.org. Both organizations are known for their efforts in building schools, hospitals, and women’s cooperatives in India and Nepal (Citta.org), and combating child prostitution and child sex trafficking (APNEAAP.org).

The event was held at Manhattan’s Lovage Rooftop on Tuesday, September 26, 2017 from 9:30pm. Guests including renowned photographer Mick Rock, film director Neil Burger, interior designer Geoffrey Bradfield, Carmen D’Alessio, ​Ann Caruso, Brinton Brewster, The Untitled Magazine‘s Indira Cesarine and many others celebrated with Emma while enjoying music by DJ Keiichiro Nakajima along with cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, and most importantly, the opportunity to hear about Citta and APNEAAP’s many charitable works.

Emma Snowdon-Jones has effectively spent her entire life advocating for social change. The last of Andy Warhol’s Factory Girls, she launched Charity:Water with Scott Harrison, and also raised a quarter of a million dollars in ten days during the aftermath of 9/11. She worked vigorously with the FDNY for over 15 years, and has launched and advocated for myriad charities and initiatives – from The Humane Society, IRED United Nation/Renewable Energy, ACRIA Aids (the oldest AID’s research organization), women’s rights and education (Including Citta and ApneAap), and Hurricane Relief efforts for Haiti with Vogue, Nigel Barker, and Terry George (the Oscar winning director of Hotel Rwanda). She has worked on suicide prevention and research for depression with the organization Hope For Depression, and – amongst other initiatives – is currently one of the hosts for Women’s Entrepreneurship Day for the United Nations in November 2017 launched by Wendy Diamond, amongst other.

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