February 28th – April 19th, 2014
Lehmann Maupin Gallery, NYC

Working in a variety of media, including photography, performance, video, and painting, Erwin Wurm always considers his practice from a sculptural perspective, and the artist transforms these influences into a presentation of surprising and introspective objects for his second show at Lehmann Maupin. Comprised of three new sculptural bodies of work, Wurm’s current exhibition offers multiple insights into the artist’s unique oeuvre.

The title series of the exhibition, Synthesa, continues Wurm’s investigations of volume and abstraction of the human form. For these works, the artist works with the classical figure in the manner of a traditional sculptor yet drastically deconstructs and contorts each shape, inserting unexpected readymade objects to further the abstraction. For Wurm, these works explore psychological conditions, manifested in the physiology of the human form. In the above photo, Synthesa represents the synthesis of opposing forces, both physical and emotional, traditional and unexpected.

Well known for his One Minute Sculptures, actions that the public performed for very short durations, Wurm evolves these works from instructive and performance-based ephemeral sculptures into the physically enduring series One Minute Forever. In this new body of works, Wurm re-imagines the original One Minute Sculptures using skeletal forms to convey the eternity of each pose. Through these works Wurm embraces the persistent yet fleeting nature of time and examines this force as a unifying factor of human existence.

For more information please click here.

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