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The 11th annual Governors Island Art Fair, touted as New York’s largest independent exhibition, opened Saturday, September 1st, and features over 80 artists. Each artist reinvents their individual presentation space located in the historic homes on Colonels Row and across its rolling sun-dappled lawns. The landmark structures display varying effects of the ravages of time, providing the artists on display with an environment for creative experimentation. The exhibitions are open every weekend in September from 11am – 6pm, and are free to the public.

“When 4heads launched GIAF in 2008, this small group of artists were among the first to see Governors Island as an overlooked gem. At that time, most New Yorkers had no idea what the island was, much less where to spot it on a map. Eleven years later Governors Island is a standard part of the New York vernacular, and 4heads still remains committed to activating these sites every season, giving voice to today’s working artists and to the history of our great city.”

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