Image Courtesy of Jessica Spohr
Fourteen-year-old singer, actress, dancer, and social media influencer Indi Star has proven herself to be quite the multi-talented individual. Having moved to LA with her family at eight years old, Star began appearing in a range of Nickelodeon shows including Henry Danger, Betrayed, and My Haunted House. Recently, she released her latest single “Afterglow”,  starred in Brat TV series Charmers, and is set to appear alongside Cary Ewles in 2022’s superhero film The Hyperions. Star also is perhaps best known for her highly popular social media accounts, with over 2.5 million followers across platforms. We spoke to Indi about her career, future, and extensive online presence.

What inspired you to move to LA to chase your dreams at such a young age?
When I was little my family inspired me! Both my sister and I loved to sing, dance and act and my family saw that! We decided as a family to risk it all and move to LA to pursue our dreams!

Tell us about your role as ‘Paris’ in Charmers?
I play Paris on Brat TV series “Charmers” I am one of the non-witch characters plus I’m also the mean girl. My character, Paris is very sporty, competitive, she is annoyed easily and also, I’d say she’s a little insecure. It was really rewarding crafting her character for the series!

How was it playing a mean girl? Did you find it challenging? 
Yeah, I did hahaha! While we filmed scenes it felt kind of bad being that mean to my friends! I do love to play Paris though because I get to make her completely different from me!

Image Courtesy of Jessica Spohr

Tell us about your experiences touring and performing with Kidz Bop USA/Canada? Any highlights or challenges that you learned from? 
I loved being in Kidz Bop! It was such a great experience to have at such a young age. I am so grateful I got to learn a lot about performing, singing, dancing, and stage work while in Kidz Bop!

What do you enjoy most about fan interaction through social media platforms like TikTok?
I really enjoy talking to my stars because they always brighten my day. It’s so insane to me that I have so many supporters who will support me throughout my career! I love them very much.

Tell us about your new film The Hyperions coming out in 2022. What was it like working on a big film like that?
It was so much fun! I filmed “The Hyperions” in the beginning of 2019. I had just turned 12! It was my first experience filming on a full movie set and it was everything I could’ve asked for! I am super excited for everyone to see it!

Image Courtesy of Jessica Spohr

Can you share with us some of your goals for the future, both personal and professional?
My major professional goals are to go on tour for my music, make a full album, and pursue more acting! Personally, I just want to create real lasting friendships and relationships and maintain my strong sense of self and continue being a good human.

You recently released your sixth single, “Afterglow” – What inspired the song?
Afterglow was mainly inspired by my relationship at the beginning of the year! It was about being in the beginning part of a relationship and how everything is just lovey-dovey – that time before reality sets in.

What went into creating the accompanying music video? 
We had an idea of what we wanted the video to look like and we had an amazing creative team who created a treatment for the video. We really wanted the video to be a realistic setting and feel for what the song was about, and I really think we nailed it! I am so happy with the final results.

What do you find is the most exciting facet of the social media landscape?
Definitely that I get to inspire a bunch of people! I love making someone’s day and on social media I get to do that with thousands of people! I get so many messages and edits from so many different people who I have affected in a positive way, and I really appreciate and cherish that I am able to do that!

Can you talk a little bit more about some of your philanthropic interests? We understand you support Autism Awareness, Racial/Sexual Equality, and Save The Earth? 
I have a strong personal connection to Autism Awareness, and I have had personal experience with how important it is to be aware of the many different facets of what autism can be. Equality is a very important cause for me because I see so much hatred and mistreatment online based on ignorance. Differences in race or sexuality should not have a value placeholder attached.

Image Courtesy of Heather Weiss
What goes into the design process for your merch?

My mom and dad used to be fashion designers, so they have helped me a lot in the making of my design for my merch! I have made multiple different merchandise designs and I am so grateful that I have my parents to help me!

With a diverse portfolio of interests including singing, dancing, modeling, and acting (to name just a few), how do you juggle all these pursuits alongside maintaining your social media presence? 
I have grown up balancing everything in my life. My mom helps me a lot with it also! She helps me schedule everything. Sometimes it gets hard, but I always figure it out! My management team also handles a lot of my communications also, so that helps a lot!

Anything else we can we look forward to from you?
More new music coming soon!!

You can follow Indi on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

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