The Untitled Magazine caught up with skateboarder turned model Zack Lugo to discuss the inspiration behind the launch of his new clothing line Runway Kid Apparel.  Zack has become a name-to-know with his growing audience on socials – he has amassed over 10 Million followers on his Tik Tok alone. Originally from a small town in Idaho of 2000 people, Zack started creating Tik Toks for fun centering around fashion trends, skateboarding, and his personal life, which quickly grew a fanbase of ardent followers, propelling him to move to Los Angeles. His debut self-designed, streetwear clothing line, Runaway Kid Apparel shows off his signature style and promotes his motto, ‘Hate Is Ugly’. Read on for the inside story on Zack’s rise from a small-town skater to a creative influencer and model.

Tell us about your background? I understand you are from Southern Idaho? 

My background is not too exciting! Ahaha, I grew up skateboarding in a small town and was kinda the outcast. I didn’t have too many friends in high school. Right before I moved to LA I had been working like 3 jobs to save for California. Then I finally moved. 

How did you get started modeling? 

Well, my dad is a really talented photographer, and back when I was a child I would do studio shoots for him. So I kind of grew up being in front of a camera. When I moved out to LA, I met my girlfriend Emma and she inspired me to continue pursuing being a model. 

Tell us all about your skateboarding? You have some serious abilities! Loving the YouTube clips. How did you get into it? Do you compete? 

I started skating when I was 9. Skateboarding has always been my escape from toxic things in life. I have competed twice, but I was younger and never won 1st. But I wasn’t horrible. 

You recently launched your own streetwear clothing line Runaway Kid Apparel – can you share with us some of the inspiration for the collection as well as where we can find it?  

As a skateboarder growing up in a small town nobody knows style there. No offense, Idaho. But I always wanted to wear baggy clothes growing up but knew I would get made fun of for it. And that inspired me to want to make my own clothes/brand someday. Finally, when I moved to LA and gained a following, I felt like it was finally the right time to make my own style of clothes. 

How did you develop the line?  

This line was developed over time. We had a designer send a few artwork options for the “Hate Is Ugly’ and then we partnered with Ragz Revenge to do the cut and sew of the initial shirt. From there we sent it to printing. It was a long process with a lot of steps so I’m looking forward to streamlining it for the next drops. It is all a learning curve, especially with more complex pieces like these.

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Who is your ideal customer? Can you describe them? 

Somebody who likes to be different and dress differently. And likes the grungy skater look. 

Tell us about your “split T-shirt”? How did you come up with the idea? 

So I started working with a thrifting company and they sent me tons of fire clothes. one time they sent a split t-shirt and I thought it was so sick. I wished I had more like it in my closet, so I created my own version.

Tell us about the message behind your line, “everyone is beautiful but hate is ugly”?  What does that mean to you?  What inspired that?  

My clothing line is a message to people, that everyone is beautiful but hate is ugly. Basically, if you’re spreading hate, that’s ugly. 

What else can we look forward to from the collection this year?

New drops as well as custom-designed one of one-pieces made by my very talented sister Haylie Lugo.

Your TikTok has a massive following and helped put you on the map – how did you get into posting? What sort of content do you like to create most? 

It all started with skate videos. But they never performed well in the beginning on the app, so I decided to do whatever I saw that was on my for you page. 

You do a lot of fun clips with your girlfriend Emma Brooks McAllister – how do you guys come up with your collaborative videos? 

We will come up with random ideas, sometimes, but other than that we just scroll through TikTok and if we see another couple do a cute trend, we just do that. 

In 2021, you were chosen to speak on the Tubi x TikTok Creators Panel for FOX’s Live Reunion Special alongside the likes of Paris Hilton, and more – can you tell us about the experience and what you shared on the special? 

It was pretty crazy being on stage with people of that caliber and success. But it made me feel so special. I was very blessed to be picked. 

Do you have a motto or any words of wisdom you live by? 

Yes I live every day by the phrase “NEVER SETTLE” 

What other projects do you have on the horizon for 2022?  

Lots of everything! Stay tuned!

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Talent: Zack Lugo / @zacklugo_
Photographer: Dylan Perlot / @dylanperlot
Wardrobe Stylist: Sky JT Naval / @sky_is_dlimit
Groomer: Diane Dusting / @didusting

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