The Untitled Magazine caught up with Persian/New Zealand artist CHAII and DJ/producer Party Favor to chat about their latest collaboration on their new single and music video “OH NAH YEAH” out now via BMG. CHAII has been on a roll following the release of her debut visual EP Lightswitch and track, “WOW (Look At Me),” which was featured in the latest Apple iPhone 12 ad. For their new track “OH NAH YEAH” she skips between sung-spoken melodies and chants while Party Favor lends his dynamic production and genre-bending abilities to deliver a visionary tune filled with percussive beats. Accompanying the release is a kaleidoscopic music video directed by Mikey Rockwell.

CHAII’s versatility as a rapper, producer, director, and audio engineer has earned her a global reputation, and the collaboration with Party Favor, who has worked with some of the biggest names in the music industry including A$AP Ferg, Diplo, and 2 Chainz, is an explosive pairing. Check out the music video, and our exclusive interview with CHAII and Party Favor below.


You both just released a new single “OH NAH YEAH” on BMG. How did you two connect with each other on this track? 

CHAII: We met through our label BMG and decided we wanted to work together. Dylan is so talented so it made the process super easy and very fun!

What was the inspiration behind the song? What do you hope listeners take away from it? 

CHAII: I hope people can dance along to it! On a deeper level, I was inspired to write about not changing things creatively because of fear. Also, not having to always apologize when no apology is needed. I’ve grown so much as a person and I felt the need to talk about that in this song.

PARTY FAVOR: There’s not one specific source of inspiration for any given song but usually there is something that influences it at the time. I listen to such a wide range of music and musical genres, so I like to challenge myself and try out different things. Listening to CHAII’s music and hearing her story inspired me to try and blend our worlds together. I heard her demo vocals and they felt epic and fun, so I knew I had to add my spin to it. I loved that even though the song and lyrics are simple at face value, the meaning behind the record was much deeper. It was an incredible process working with her and it came together really quickly which is rare.

OH NAH YEAH (CHAII & PARTY FAVOR) track artwork via BMG

CHAII, you also released a powerful music video alongside the single. Is there any particular significance behind the different settings in the video? You bring such a unique style and energy to each video you create. Where do you draw your creativity from and how do you channel your creativity through fashion? 

CHAII: For this video, I wanted to go for a full virtual 3D visual and so I collaborated with a good friend of mine Mikey Rockwell. He directed the video and absolutely smashed the post-production. For the fashion looks, I collaborated with the amazing Ruscoe Bustenera-Kirby who is an NZ designer.

As individual artists, you both create music with a strong message. How connected is your music to your own life experiences? 

CHAII: My music and the messages are very connected to my own life experiences. It’s my way of venting and expressing things when I don’t know how to otherwise.

What do you both have planned for 2021?

CHAII: More releases! Working on new projects that I’m so excited to share with everyone. Looking forward to all the summer shows too.


For more on CHAII head over to Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube.

You can find Party Favor on InstagramTwitterFacebook, and Spotify.


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