Charli Lark, courtesy of Big Machine Agency, Photo: @brynnosborn

The Untitled Magazine premieres today the latest release from dark electro-pop artist Charli Lark – her atmospheric cover of Empire of the Sun’s anthemic “Walking on a Dream.”

This new release follows up Lark’s critically acclaimed single “LIMBO” and its remixes, which earned rave reviews from publications like Wonderland and EDM.com for its “mesmerizing fusion of infectious hooks and atmospheric synths.”


Bringing the energy of a strong woman who has fought her battles and risen as a phoenix from the ashes, Lark reveals her inspiration for reimagining the 2008 electro-pop classic:

“‘Walking on a Dream’ has always made me feel so free and alive, such an optimistic confidence booster. It reminds me of the dreamy, intoxicating high of all-consuming love that lifts you up out of the mud and into a living dream. You don’t know how it’s real, but you don’t care, nothing else matters and you never want it to end. I’m a vivid dreamer and I really connect with how the song plays on that in-between space of dream and reality.”

She continues, “I love an upbeat love song. I wanted to honor the vibrant drive of the song and amp up some ethereal lushness, drop even deeper into that otherworldly dream state. Lean into the introspection and beauty at the core of the original. Empire of the Sun are legends and it’s been so fun to cover an electropop anthem I love so much and give it my take.”

Growing up in Louisiana, pursuing music as a passion was no small feat for Charli despite the rich musical history of cities like New Orleans. Transplanted from New Orleans to a small town in northern Louisiana during high school, Charli sang throughout her childhood. “I started singing at fairs and talent shows, before I got into acting,” she recalls. Music remained at the forefront, and by the time she reached college, she was participating in local open mic nights. However, the small-town mentality, coupled with a lack of opportunities, left Charli feeling as though her musical aspirations had to take a backseat. “I had to make money,” she explains, “and so after I left college, I took corporate jobs.”

While working in corporate America, Charli continued writing songs and singing, ultimately moving to New York City in the hopes of making her passion a profession. It was there that she met her ex-husband. The two married, had children, and bounced between coasts—eventually landing in Idaho. Over the years, her relationship grew toxic, and while adjusting to motherhood and trying to maintain her marriage, Charli used songwriting as a form of therapy. However, transitioning from a high-powered corporate job on the coast to being sequestered in a rural town in a tumultuous marriage took its toll on Charli, and one day she simply had enough. “It might have looked like a breakdown, but now I know it was a breakthrough.”

At the heart of her work, Charli Lark aims to inspire through experience. Her music is designed to hit you in your core while remaining intensely personal to her journey. “I want to make music that impacts, that makes a person feel, that carries my energy through to others, and maybe helps alchemize something within them.”

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