Today, The Untitled Magazine premieres “Masterplan (Feat. Junoflo)” the latest music video by Mumbai-born, California-raised R&B/Pop sensation Kru. This release follows the track’s debut on Billboard and serves as a prelude to Kru’s upcoming EP, INEVITABLE, fully produced by the multi-platinum Korean music producer Cha Cha Malone.

Kru’s music is a unique blend of her Indian and American influences, merging elements of R&B, Pop, and K-Pop. Classically trained in opera and traditional Indian Bharatanatyam dance, she has been described as a fusion of Aaliyah and Ariana Grande. Her delicate yet powerful sound has garnered her over 2 million streams worldwide, nearly 3 million views on YouTube, and more than 6 million views and 1 million likes on TikTok.

Kru x Cha Cha Malone – Masterplan (Feat. Junoflo) 2024

“Masterplan” is the first of three singles from Kru’s forthcoming EP. The song is an anthem of ambition and empowerment, highlighting Kru’s vision for her future. With the collaboration of famed rapper Junoflo, known for being the first Korean artist to perform at an NBA halftime show, “Masterplan” serves as a motivational soundtrack for dream chasers everywhere. Kru explains, “I wanted people to feel like they are the baddest, strongest, and most motivated when they listen to this. But if I have to be honest, this song was really made for women with the sole goal to empower us, shine a light on our capabilities, and manifest the level of respect we deserve.”

Kru x Cha Cha Malone – Masterplan (Feat. Junoflo) 2024

Kru’s journey is one of resilience and determination. She emigrated to the United States from India at the age of six, facing the challenges of adapting to a new culture while maintaining her Indian identity. Her passion for music was nurtured by her percussionist father and a cultural foundation rich in Bollywood and Indian Classical music. Inspired by High School Musical, Kru’s love for singing blossomed, leading her to pursue vocal and dance lessons from a young age.

Kru x Cha Cha Malone – Masterplan (Feat. Junoflo) 2024

Despite facing numerous setbacks, including rejections from reality competition series like American Idol and The Voice, and a serious ankle injury that temporarily halted her dance career, Kru’s resolve never wavered. During the pandemic, she relocated to Texas and began crafting her master plan, resulting in her debut EP Pilot. This project allowed her to explore her capabilities as a songwriter and recording artist, setting the stage for her latest EP, INEVITABLE.

Produced entirely by Cha Cha Malone, INEVITABLE showcases the evolution of Kru’s musical identity. Malone, widely known for his work with Korean-American artist Jay Park and numerous multi-platinum hits, brings his distinctive touch to the EP. His music, recognizable by the producer tag “I need a Cha Cha beat, boy,” complements Kru’s unique sound.

Kru x Cha Cha Malone – Masterplan (Feat. Junoflo) 2024

“Masterplan” is not just a song but a statement of empowerment. Kru mixed her range of musical touchstones to create a track boasting universal and empowering themes that transcend cultural and gender barriers. As she continues to rise, her mission remains clear: to inspire and empower others through her music, proving that dreams are achievable, no matter where you come from.“This is the music that I make,” Kru relays. “I want this music to make people feel like, ‘A Brown girl can do it too.’”

Join us in celebrating the premiere of “Masterplan (Feat. Junoflo)” on The Untitled Magazine and get inspired by Kru’s powerful vocals, infectious dance moves, and unwavering spirit of empowerment.

Kru x Cha Cha Malone – Masterplan (Feat. Junoflo) 2024

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Kru, Photo by Chris Luu

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