Artist Lefty Out There

Lefty Out There “Vivus II”
Maddox Gallery
9 Maddox Street
Mayfair, London W1S 2QE
March 31, 2022 – May 5, 2022

Maddox Gallery opened today their latest exhibition, “Vivus II,” a solo show by contemporary street artist Lefty Out There. Following the success of Lefty Out There’s first European exhibition with Maddox in 2019, Maddox Gallery will be presenting his latest collection of works through May 5th, 2022 at their Maddox Street, London location.

Artist Lefty Out There, Courtesy Maddox Gallery

“Created during a time of global anxiety, Lefty’s latest body of work marks a distinctive shift from his earlier artworks, while still embracing the bold and intricate designs that first launched him to recognition.”

The gallery states of the latest exhibition, “Vivus II is a visual abstract representation of the world we live in today, which fuses street art with Optical Art to achieve a jarring intensity that reflects ongoing universal tensions. There is an inherent duality to his work both in concept and design. The show is separated into two distinct bodies of work; one, a kaleidoscopic melee of glowing color, the other, a powerful meditation on monochromatic art. Across both series, Lefty combines his iconic polymorph forms with geometric shapes to create an alternative universe that is as liberating as it is overwhelming.”

Artist Lefty Out There, Courtesy Maddox Gallery

Paying homage to the artist’s ethos which is to ‘cover everything’, Lefty Out There has transformed Maddox’s flagship location, enveloping every surface with his iconic polymorph design. The immersive nature of the exhibition forces the viewer to step out of their comfort zone and disconnect from their current reality, while the work itself mirrors the overwhelming intensity of everyday life.

Artist Lefty Out There, Courtesy Maddox Gallery

Born in Illinois in 1991, Lefty is a multidisciplinary artist who emerged on the Chicago scene in the late 2000s with his signature mark-making motif. Uniquely distinct yet easily adaptable, the artist creates intuitive repeated shapes known as polymorphs that strike as both the result of a spontaneous process and also as part of a larger, intricate cosmic design. His work has engulfed spaces around the world from America to Europe, reflecting his ethos, ‘cover everything’.

Artist Lefty Out There, Courtesy Maddox Gallery

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