DJ Coco Robert performing at the GirlPower Issue launch in New York City. (Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for the Untitled Magazine)

Playing at events globally from London to L.A, DJ Coco Robert is on the rise. Not only does she spin the buzzing tunes, but she is also a kick-ass business woman, which is due in part to her bachelor’s degree in Music and Entertainment Business from New York University. She has played at events like the VH1 Save the Music Foundation’s Hamptons Live Benefit, New York City Ballet Young Patrons Gala, as well as for the launch of the “GirlPower” Issue of The Untitled Magazine, and has been dubbed the “Hottest DJ at Fashion Week” by the New York Post.

We caught up with Coco in the mist of her travels and busy schedule to get the details about her passions and music.

Untitled Magazine: How did you get into DJing?

Coco Robert: I fell into DJing organically as I began my bachelor’s degree at NYU. When I was out and about in Manhattan, my attention was more on the DJ booth as the source of the party than on the party itself. Soon after school started, I jumped on an opportunity to learn to DJ myself. I was hooked as soon as I tried it.

UM: You have been DJing all over the world, so what is your favorite place or favorite type of event to DJ?

CR: I was recently blown away by the crowd at PLAY Club in Hong Kong. It takes the party to a different level when the energy in a room is palpable and it’s so clear that everyone is there for the common goal of a good time, and that was definitely the case there!

Photography by Derek Anthony Welte.

UM: What do you attribute your success to?

CR: I’m doing what I love, and that wouldn’t be the case if I played by the rules or allowed myself to be constrained by societal norms. Many people raised their eyebrows at the idea of making a career out of my passion. There may not be a step by step process as there is in other, more traditional fields, but in my eyes, forging one’s own path can be all the more rewarding.

UM: Why did you think it was important to pursue a degree in music and entertainment business?

CR: The courses I took in college allowed me to ask the questions I needed answers to in my professional life in a trustworthy forum. I wanted to be able to fend for myself both as a performing artist and on the business end. It has been a constantly evolving project to consistently translate my artistic goals into profitable business ventures, and having formal education in music business has helped.

Photography by Derek Anthony Welte.

UM: Do you think female DJs are treated differently from male DJs since it is such a male dominated field?

CR: Unfortunately, in the music industry some people do make unfair judgments based on gender. My attention is pretty tied up with the more productive, positive people.

UM: What are some of your favorite tracks right now? Can you give us a top 10 playlist?

CR: I just landed in Germany from New York. Here are some of the newer releases that made the 8 hour flight more tolerable:

Photography by Derek Anthony Welte.

Mi Gente – J Balvin
Nights – Frank Ocean
Boys – Charli XCX
Spice Girl – Aminé
Either Way – Snakehips
Bring Dem Things – French Montana
Feel it Still – Portugal. The Man
OMG – Camila Cabello
Wild Heart – Hounded
Summer Bummer – Lana del Rey

UM: What’s next for you? Any major performances we can put on our radar?

CR: One of the performances I’m most excited for this month will be in the Philippines at Black Market Club in Manila.

UM: Do you have a motto or words of wisdom you live by?

CR: The grass is always greener where you water it.

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