The Untitled Magazine caught up with Sofi Tukker to chat about their latest venture: the launch of their new label imprint and artist collective “Animal Talk” along with an exclusive premiere of their track “Manifesto” celebrating the launch. “Here we are. At the very beginning. We are starting with releases from Rokky, LP Giobbi, and Boii (Josh Hoisington and Adam Welsh). But we are always expanding our community. Everyone is just looking for an excuse to believe in themselves. And we want to give people that excuse.” – Sophie Hawley-Weld of Sofi Tukker 

Untitled: Can you tell us about your artist collective “Animal Talk” and what inspired putting that together?

Sofi Tukker: The Animal Talk artist collective is inspired by our talented friends and by the people who believed in us when we were just starting. We have met some extraordinary, talented, hardworking friends and we want to see these people shine like we believe they can and deserve!

At first, Tucker just started taking interest and helping a few people out with their music. Once he had helped and encouraged them to finish their music, no one knew exactly what to do with the songs but we were sure that we wanted to continue nourishing the spirit of creation.

Together with LP Chad and Lauren, we have been building a family of artists, whose spirits and creations we really believe in.

Animal Talk collective artist LP Giobbi is rock ’n roll with a disco soul, born draped in sequins and cloaked in fog at a seance in the mountains of Oregon. She’s shared the stage with everyone from Gallant to Madame Gandhi, and is currently touring with Sofi Tukker throughout Europe and North America, throwing down her self-produced Afro-Cuban infused piano house tracks with her Korg M1.

Untitled: You have also launched a new label imprint by the same name that “strives to build a supportive community of creatives” – what is the motivation and mission for putting that together and what sort of creative projects will be presented by “Animal Talk”?

Sofi Tukker: The first three artists we are going to release on Animal Talk are LP Giobbi, Boii, and Rokky. We have realized that, the more we are able to create and share our art, the more we want to give other people that opportunity. It is so spirit lifting and life giving to be not only building our band but creating the world that we want the band to live in. It’s the opposite of a competitive atmosphere. The more our friends shine, the happier we are and more inspired we are in our own lives.

Animal talk collective artists BOII is music producer Joshua Hoisington and singer-writer Adam Welsh. Their music is a unique blend of Emotive House, Outsider Pop and Modern Folk, enriched by their respective transatlantic backgrounds.

Untitled: What inspired your new track “Manifesto”?

Sofi Tukker: The track is an aural representation of our manifesto as a collective. We made it all together and it’s Lauren reciting the manifesto that we all came up with when we first started brainstorming about what we are and what we want to stand for.

Left: ROKKY is a singer, songwriter and instrumentalist from Oxford, England, and the first artist signed to Sofi Tukker’s Animal Talk record label. Right: Lauren A. Spalding is hermixalot—Animal Talk General Manager by day and rockstar by night.

Untitled: What do you have coming up that we can look forward to?

Sofi Tukker: We are initiating the Animal Talk parties in Vancouver (August 30), San Francisco (August 31), and Seattle (September 1). They are gonna be wild and EXTRA.

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