Artist Aaron Johnson to be featured at CAN

The CAN, Contemporary Art Now fair will turn Ibiza island into a meeting spot for artists, art collectors, and art enthusiasts this summer. The July event will bring together more than 30 international galleries and present over 100 artists. The fair is curated by established art writer and curator Saša Bogojev, known for curating several exhibitions in galleries around the world.  

The fair will be open to the general public, with purchased tickets, from July 14th – 17th. The opening day will be by invitation only, and will be held on Wednesday, July 13th. 

CAN hopes to act as a platform for the discovery of the latest trends in the art world. Bogojev will highlight contemporary practices/artists, alongside established artists. CAN, which means “house of” in Ibizan, sets the stage for a fair in the ‘House of Art’. The Mediterranean environment is known for clashes of cultures and an expansive historical-artistic heritage.

Pedro Pedro, Pile of Fruit, 2022. Courtesy of The Hole Gallery, New York.

“After years of being immersed in art, particularly in the figurative painting scene, I have come to realize that there is a growing network of artists, galleries, collectors and appreciators that commonly gravitate around certain international events. Thanks to the CAN team, we hope to provide this community with a new hub in one of Europe’s most popular destinations, and to be able to select and showcase its most interesting aspects in a refreshing, relaxed and informal new environment”. – Saša Bogojev

The curatorial process behind the fair focuses on bringing the type of works that Bogojev features while working at Juxtapoz Magazine. Bogojev considers himself lucky for being able to mend his personal appreciation for figurative painting with the current global trends. The works have no connection, coming from a theoretical perspective, but communicate with each other through shared aesthetics, alongside diverse technical approaches.

CAN curator Saša Bogojev, courtesy of @canartibiza

The 30 international galleries that will be present include The Hole from New York, Superzoom from Paris, Artnueve from Spain and many more. The art fair will also feature artists like Arjen, Kate Meissner, Marco Paul Lorenzetti, Andrew Schoultz, etc.

Artist CB Hoyo to be featured at CAN
Artist Ana Barriga to be featured at CAN
Artist Kalman Pool to be featured at CAN
Artist Tosin Olusegun Kalejaye to be featured at CAN


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