The Toronto International Film Festival announced their star studded line up and the movie titles for this year’s festival set to take place from September 7th to the 17th. The highly anticipated featured films this year include 25 World Premieres, 8 International Premieres and 8 Canadian Premieres. We got the low down on the most highly anticipated films of the festival that are set to be released later in the year.

First They Killed My Father directed by Angelina Jolie

This Netflix original released first in Cambodia is sure to be quite the hit. Based off the non-fiction book, First They Killed My Father tells the story of Cambodian genocide through the eyes of the author, Loung Ung. At the time of the Pol Pot regime, Ung was only a child and the film follows what she experienced.

mother! directed by Darren Aronofsky

This psychological horror-thriller film is bound to be the talk of the festival. Not only is it written and directed by Darren Aronofsky, it also stars Jennifer Lawerence and Javier Bardem as a couple who are disturbed by uninvited guests.

Surburbicon directed by George Clooney

With the newly released trailer for Suburbicon, everyone is buzzing about Matt Damon covered in blood and Julianne Moore as his wife. It takes place in 1959 suburbia that seems perfect on the outside until main character Gardner Lodge deals with the neighborhood’s dark underbelly. This will be Clooney’s seventh film as a director.

Downsizing directed by Alexander Payne

This next film also features Matt Damon, but this time he plays a husband who wants to “downsize” by shrinking himself and his wife. This also has a cast to attract viewers, with featured actors such as Kristen Wiig and Alec Baldwin. The film will be featured at the festival months before its U.S.A. release on December 22nd.

Breathe directed by Andy Serkis

Starring a former Spiderman actor Andrew Garfield and actress Claire Floy, this drama film is sure to be a tear jerker. The film follows Garfield as a 28 year-old with polio who dedicates the rest of his remaining months to helping others.

Darkest Hour directed by Joe Wright

This movie follows Gary Oldman as he plays Winston Churchill during the beginnings of World War II. Lily James is also featured in this film, who is best known for her roles in Downtown Abbey and in the 2015 Cinderella film.

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