Artwork by Fahren Feingold featured in “No End To Love”

The Untitled Space
An Artsy Exclusive 

April 14 – April 30th


Above: Fahren Feingold “Slow Blues Uprising,” 2017 Top: “Dysmorphic Dystopia,” 2019

The Untitled Magazine caught up with artist Fahren Feingold to chat with her about her virtual exhibition, “NO END TO LOVE,” a limited time Artsy online exclusive of works on paper presented by The Untitled Space, as well her inspirations and challenges during COVID-19.

What have been your biggest challenges as an artist in quarantine? 

FF: my biggest challenge during quarantine has been staying focused. I find myself easily distracted by small tasks (bills, relief applications, cleaning, social media, etc), then nearly impossible to return to refocus and paint. There are very productive days, but it requires great discipline on my part -staying off social media, not responding to texts, emails or calls, and blocking out all other distractions. I decided to turn off settings on my phone, so that I no longer receive notifications, and also stop getting reminders of how much screen time I am using (it’s almost a cruel joke at this point).

How do you find daily inspiration to keep making artwork despite the current circumstances? 

FF: Ironically, I have been finding some brilliant inspiration on Instagram – which is a double-edged sword. Trying to stay off social media, while still getting access to the wonderful creatives sharing their art. It’s definitely been a challenge to strike a balance -and for me, that is the underlying issue for all of this -BALANCE. How to find balance and create boundaries for myself. I worked very hard to do so in my life prior to this, and now everything has been flipped upside down. So, I think instead of scrambling to do everything like before, I need to find what will work under these new circumstances. I also did several photoshoots in the months prior to Covid-19, so I have a lot of fabulous material to work from and beautiful women to paint!

What inspires your color palette? Any favorite colors that you find yourself always coming back to? Any artist technique tips you can share?

FF: My colors and palette are inspired by my mood, the auras of the women I paint, and often a narrative I create. However, most of the time, it’s pretty instinctual. I add the colors as I am painting – sometimes I may plan the hair color so that I don’t waste time figuring it out while the painting is drying. I definitely have my go to colors that always find their way into every figure: lavender, baby pink, yellow ochre, turquoise, red.  I am very particular about my colors, so when I find a color/paint I like I stick with it. Which is why I use several paint and ink brands; I am always trying out new products and experimenting with new techniques – I believe that keeps things fresh and exciting. As for sharing any tips: I always test out new ideas on smaller studies before adding them into a full painting, I test several versions before settling on the one I like.

What can we look forward to from you in 2020? 

FF: My next solo show with The Untitled Space was planned for beginning of May 2020, with all things being cancelled, I hope to have the exhibit later this year. I’ve been working tirelessly on new works, and I view this as more time to create new work for the show.

Artist Fahren Feingold Exhibit Artwork, The Untitled Space Gallery, New York

Known for her ethereal watercolors featuring bold feminine nudes, Feingold is inspired by imagery from early 20th century French erotica, vintage American magazines from the 70s and 80s, and today’s internet girls. The Los Angeles native moved to New York at the age of seventeen to study at the Parsons School of Design. After earning her BFA between Parsons and Glasgow School of Art, she worked as a fashion designer for top brands including Ralph Lauren, Nicole Miller, and J.Crew, among others. In 2016, her dreamy watercolors caught the eye of the legendary Nick Knight, who commissioned her to illustrate Paris Fashion Week for SHOW Studio. Since then, her work has been featured in numerous international exhibitions including “Moving Kate,” curated by Nick Knight for SHOW Studio in London and The Mass in Tokyo; “The Vulgar” at The Barbican in London, curated by Judith Clark and Adam Phillips; “Red Hot Wicked” at Studio C Gallery in Los Angeles; as well as The Untitled Space group shows “UPRISE / ANGRY WOMEN” and “SECRET GARDEN” curated by Indira Cesarine and “LIFEFORCE” curated by Kelsey and Remy Bennett.

Artwork by Artist Fahren Feingold, The Untitled Space Gallery, New York

Celebrated as “a trailblazing artist on a meteoric rise” by Vogue, her watercolors have steadily gained recognition from collectors and critics alike for their sensitive, dreamlike colors, graceful brush, and rendition of the female nude. Through her erotic depictions, Feingold gives new voices to women of the past and present while exploring larger notions of female constructs in contemporary society. She had a solo show curated by Indira Cesarine at The Untitled Space in September of 2017, as well as a solo show presented by the gallery in collaboration with brand Fleur du Mal in 2018 titled “The Peep Show”. Her work was featured at SPRING/BREAK Art Show in both the “EDEN” (2019) and “(Hotel) XX” (2018) exhibitions presented by The Untitled Space, and was recently featured at Sotheby’s New York for the annual “Take Home A Nude” benefit exhibit and auction in October 2019.

Exhibit on view through April 30, 2020. While the exhibition is live all artworks are an additional 19% off list price. 



Artwork by Artist Fahren Feingold, The Untitled Space Gallery, New York

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