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The exclusive FreeSpade “Petit Davos” event took place on Friday, April 5th, at the chic Upper East Side venue Casa Cruz, offering a unique glimpse into their diversely creative world. The event featured captivating performances by Grammy Award-winning cellist Sasha Ono and her quartet, along with singer Madison Paige, mentalist Matt Cooper, DJ CISSUMI, and artist Vanessa Wilkes. Attendees also enjoyed champagne, caviar, and boxes of pizza from the FreeSpade Pizza Truck.

FreeSpade, a global ecosystem fostering connections among industry leaders, was conceived by ambitious executives and talents who recognize that success goes beyond dedication and passion—it hinges on connecting unique minds and disrupting norms in oversaturated markets. The Friday soirée attracted a diverse array of creative luminaries and top executives from around the world, spanning sports, music, art, tech, hospitality, real estate, media, health, fashion, design, entertainment, finance, and banking. Notable brands such as Byredo, Louis Vuitton, TikTok, Meta, Google, Warner Studios, L’Oréal, and more were represented by distinguished guests.

Mads Paige

Over 300 attendees gathered for this exclusive launch, including acclaimed artists like Rachel Cole and Maria Kreyn, prominent athletes Muhsin Muhammad and Javon Coney, entrepreneurs Nicolas Raga and Kyle Foley, and beauty & wellness experts Christine Eirosius and Kofi Yankey. Socialites Hannah Bronfman and Brendan Fallis added to the illustrious guest list.

With its motto “Business Unusual,” FreeSpade is revolutionizing networking by curating unique experiences, elevated events, and unparalleled opportunities for executives to forge meaningful connections. Casa Cruz, nestled in New York’s Upper East Side, was chosen as the inaugural venue for its embodiment of FreeSpade’s commitment to bespoke, high-caliber experiences that inspire collaboration.

Following their successful launch, FreeSpade plans a second event in Barcelona to expand its global footprint and continue fostering innovative connections across industries. This initiative signals a new era in networking, where authenticity and creativity converge to drive impactful collaborations and redefine business relationships.

FreeSpade’s “Petit Davos” event

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