Bananarama album artwork Courtesy of High Rise PR

Bananarama celebrates over forty years on top with the announcement of their upcoming album “Glorious- The Ultimate Collection”, to be released on March 8th, 2024. On October 18th, they released the first track from the album, “Feel The Love”, which is a fusion of the classic and contemporary eras of Bananarama’s music. 

In Bananarama’s founders Sara Dallin and Keren Woodward‘s statements in a press release, they note that ” ‘Feel the Love’ is about believing in yourself, focusing on what you want and not listening to negativity. It was a process of making something soaring and uplifting. And we’ve gone to town with the harmonies, which we love.” Keren adds, “At times we have maybe felt that we haven’t received the credit, respect and recognition we deserve, certainly sometimes purely down to the fact we were born female… Putting the music together for this project made me realize how much we have achieved and how determined, tenacious and hardworking we are.”

Their new album effectively follows the journeys of Sara and Keren’s lives through their personally curated career highlights. It takes them from their early days of breaking through with “Really Saying Something”, through their 80’s and 90’s hits, and into 2005 when they were on top of the singles charts with “Move In My Direction” and the U.S dance chart hit “Look on the Floor”.  Following this, Bananarama was constantly touring and recording and they founded their own IN SYNK label and saw an incredible resurgence with their 2019 album “In Stereo”. This introduced them to a whole new generation with their win of Classic Pop’s Best Pop Album award. Not only are Bananarama immortalized in the Guinness World of Records for the most internationally charted hits by an all-female group, they’ve remained an ongoing and vital pop presence. It’s also proof of the duo’s enduring talents, as they wrote or co-wrote almost every song in this new 40-track collection. 

“Glorious- The Ultimate Collection” will be released on collector’s triple-vinyl and double-CD. Their official store exclusives include a deluxe vinyl and deluxe three-CD edition, both of which are accompanied by a book that features an introduction by broadsheet journalist Fiona Sturges, articles by Sara and Keren, and an in-depth exploration of Bananarama’s relationship with fashion and music by writer and trends expert Katie Baron. 






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