PFW-SS12-HC-basil_soda-_Jodie_Talbot-4PFW-SS12-HC-basil_soda-_Jodie_Talbot-36PFW-SS12-HC-basil_soda-_Jodie_Talbot-18BASIL SODA COUTURE – PARIS S/S 2012 FASHION SHOW

Nature Under the Microscope, the Spring/Summer Couture collection from Basil Soda treats the dress form as an extension of the body to be examined. The collection begins with more innocent, delicate pieces that use sheer and lace to then progressively transform into a more complex form. The white lace and sheer cut outs play into Basil Soda’s idea of dissection and analyzation, and an architectural influence is undeniable as the lines created by these cut outs take an art nouveau inspired form in the shapes they create. This also translates into a three-dimensional sculptural capacity.

It is no wonder that Basil Soda has been such a hit on red carpets as each dress sent down the runway exudes glamour, yet still remains true to his artistic vision and aesthetic. Crystals and metallic belts ad extra pop to the softness of his gowns where movement is of utmost importance. The accordion skirts and draping on many dresses add to the feeling of fluidity and softness which contrasts the unconventional materials such as the transparent plastic vests like slide cover slips to remind that this is not just about the organic, but the scientific, or methodical artistic, exploration of it.

Article by Amy Tabarly

Photography by Jodie Talbot for XXXX Magazine, “The Untitled Magazine”

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