Created by BO SUL KIM, Music by THADEUS FRAZIER REED.-Cocoon is an animation multimedia film created by Bo Sul Kim with music by Thadeus Frazier Reed.





Bo Sul Kim is a multi media performance director, video designer, animation filmmaker and painter.  She has her BFA in painting from South Korea, Hong Ik University and an MFA in Experimental Animation from the California Institute of the Arts.  She has directed and video designed for “Shadow, My shadow”, “The Vibration of my Breath” and various shows with musicians dancers and installation artists.

Her work has been shown in South Korea, Mexico, Indonesia, Austria, India and throughout the United States at venues such as REDCAT, the LA Convention Center, Subterranean Art House, White Rabbit and Jack the Pelican Gallery in NY. Most recently, she was selected by 2011 Prague Quadrennial International Exhibition of Scenography and Theatre Architecture at the National Gallery of the Czech Republic to exhibit her work “Shadow , My Shadow”.  She performed with Jazz improviser and theorist Wadada Leo Smith, Vijay Iyer, Vinny Golia, ICU ensemble, David Rosenboom, and video installation artist Carole Kim. Her work  was shown at the Seoul Contemporary Museum, the Samsung Gallery, and the Art Insa Gong Gallery.

She has also had the unique experiences of working with Walt Disney Animation Studios, The Blue Man Group, 3LD Media and Theater Group, GMD Three Studios and Art Center Nabi in Seoul.  As a visionary artist, Bo Sul utilizes a multidisciplinary approach, working in different mediums to connect physical movements and visual creativity.


Philadelphia born composer/performance artist Thadeus Frazier-Reed is involved with all aspects of interdisciplinary performance art. He studied Double Bass performance at Eastman School of Music before leaving to pursue his composition career. At the University of the Arts in Philadelphia Thadeus studied composition under Andrew Rudin . During this time his work was heavily influenced by close work with Curtis Bahn and Dan Trueman of Interface and Dawn Stoppiello and Mark Coniglio of Troika Ranch.

Thadeus went on to become one of the founding members of ArcheDream, a blacklight multimedia dance theater company, based in Philadelphia. He recently completed his degree at California Institute of the Arts under the tutelage of Mark Trayle, Michael Pisaro, Tom Erbe, James Tenney and Sara Roberts.

Thadeus’ work is concerned with the aesthetics and integration of different media in the interdisciplinary artistic community. Although the process of his art almost always uses his knowledge of the structure and timing of music, music is not always the medium. Thad’s artwork displays his background and interests in music performance, composition, ethnic instruments, dance, sculpture, audio/visual systems, electronics, technical theater, 3D graphics, computer programming, dynamical systems, bird flight and artificial life.

His current work tries to defy the static nature of classical music performance by designing and building instruments whose main focus is creating music and images through movement. He also attempts to express complex biologic systems as music and/or dynamic visual artwork. His works have been premiered/performed in Pennsylvania, New York, Rhode Island, Oregon, California and Darmstadt, Germany. When not working on his own music, Thadeus supports other performing artists by working as a technical director, mix engineer, sound designer and audio technician.

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