Cody Frost. Courtesy of the artist & VDM Music.

Fans of The Voice UK will surely recognize (and likely already follow) the pop talent that is Cody Frost. Since the now-17 year old made her blind audition debut on the program in 2016 and subsequently cemented herself as a fan favorite, she has honed her image as a bona fide electropop and punk artist. Frost kicked off her recording career in earnest in February with the single “Verbal Warnings,” a wonderfully catchy pop single with a crafty and rebellious edge. Now, with her followup “HIGH/BYE,” Frost lightens up the punk side of her debut while making sure to turn the volume up on just about everything else.

The track, which will feature along with “Verbal Warnings” on Frost’s upcoming summer debut EP, opens with a simple beat and acoustic rhythm section that open the door for Cody’s distinctly raspy voice. As the song moves on, the instrumentation turns more chaotic while maintaining its crispness, making way for an off-kilter bridge that highlights Frost’s raw vocal talent and youthful energy. Lyrically, “HIGH/BYE” deals with that all-too-familiar feeling of transition from adolescence to adulthood. As Frost herself says: 

“HIGH/BYE’ is about that period in your life when you think you might be growing up; when your friends all move to different areas for uni, and when you see them again the conversation is stale and weird. But I didn’t go to uni, so this is based on my experience being stuck at home.”

The video truly shows the fun-loving and wacky nature of the Burnley-based artist. With an independent spirit and DIY energy, the Naomi Kane-directed video stands as a metaphor for what she refers to as her “personal experience of being left behind, but one that’s also rooted in just how mundane that time was.” Intentionally juxtaposing loneliness and routine, the video shows Frost slinging drinks at a local bar where she is also the night’s entertainment for a crowd of crudely-assembled dummies. She performs alone in the packed space, confronting herself as much as the culture of growing up around her.

The song’s remarkably mature tone comes from Frost’s diagnosis of ADHD. Hoping to hone her craft while still posting cover videos on her YouTube channel, Frost worked to manage her own personal problems and demons, and redirected that energy into her passions. And that’s not limited to her music and songwriting. Frost has also steadily worked as both a tattooist and visual artist, using her newfound coping mechanisms to bring clarity and confidence into her work.

Courtesy of codyfrostmusic on Instagram.

Listen to Cody Frost’s music on Apple Music & Spotify, and follow her on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok and YouTube.

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