PRINCESS GLORIA VON THURN UND TAXIS Come On Darling Dont Be Mad Opening at Hotel Chelsea

On June 9th, Chelsea Hotels hosted an opening for Princess Gloria von Thurn und TaxisCome On Darling, Don’t Be Mad at the Hotel Chelsea Storefront Gallery. Guests such as, Gloria von Thurn und Taxis , Ed Scheetz, Aby Rosen, André Balazs, Andres Serrano, Antonio Homen, Boaz Mazor, Calvin Klein, Carlos Mota, Carmen D’Allesio, Cheryl Dunn, David Kuhn, Edward Cavendish, Lady Liliana Cavendish, Eric Shiner, Francesco Clemente, Genevieve Jones, Glenn O’Brien, Jeff Koons, Jeffrey Deitch, John Derian, Juan Carlos Fernandez, Kalup Linzy, Laura Eastwood, Lex Fenwick, Maripol, Maury Hopson, Nur Khan, Paul Mathieu, Peter Marino, Richard Pandiscio, Sir John Richardson, Sante D’Orazio, Sally Singer, Sofia Barrenechea, Susanne Bartsch, Tiffany Dubin, Todd Eberle, among others, were treated to the premier viewing of the portrait series drawn by the artist, containing familiar faces from past and present, all of whose history intertwine with the bohemian hotel. The lively space was punctuated by festive margaritas and sangria compliments of Qui Tequila.

Long known as the “punk princess,” Gloria has long been an influential patron and supporter within the art community. An icon of the 1980’s, Princess Gloria frequented the Hotel Chelsea. As she recalls, “I went to the Chelsea Hotel, not to sleep, but to look at who is there all the time when I was young.” The Princess witnessed a revolutionary art scene at the Chelsea encountering Jasper Johns, William S. Burroughs, Donald Baechler, Francesco Clemente, Julian Schnabel, Charles Bukowski, among many others.

The hand-drawn portraits include Leonard Cohen, Alice Cooper, Quentin Crisp, Willem de Kooning, Bob Dylan, Ralph Gibson, Allen Ginsberg, Jimi Hendrix, Dennis Hopper, Jasper Johns, Janis Joplin, Frida Kahlo, Stanley Kubrick, Robert Mapplethorpe, Arthur Miller, O’ Henry, Claes Oldenburg, Iggy Pop, Dee Dee Ramone, Rene Ricard, Diego Rivera, Larry Rivers, Jean-Paul Sartre, Edie Sedgwick, Dylan Thomas, Mark Twain, Tom Waits, Rufus Wainwright, Tennessee Williams, Tom Wolfe, Virgil Thomson, Sid Vicious, Gore Vidal, Andy Warhol, and Viva. The show will be on view by appointment until June 25th, 2014.

For more information on Princess Gloria’s Portraits, please click here.

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