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David Guetta has the golden (or should we say, platinum) touch! The superstar DJ and two-time Grammy winner has more than fifty-million album and singles sales under his belt, two-billion streams on Spotify and has played countless legendary shows. If his history is any indication, Guetta is poised to break more records with the release of his seventh studio album.

When The Untitled Magazine interviewed David Guetta in 2015, the superstar DJ was just coming off of the success of “Hey Mama,” his third collaboration with Nicky Minaj, which recently surpassed one-billion views on YouTube. Fast forward two years and Guetta has just released another track with the queen of rap raconteurs and some additional help from the one-and-only Lil’ Wayne.  “Light My Body Up” is a hip hop heavy track that demonstrates Guetta’s ability to flawlessly mesh genres. As the first single off of his forthcoming full-length, the song is sure to be club anthem of the summer and signals a new phase in his sound, (which he is also heralding in with a brand new haircut).

Guetta is known for his relentless touring schedule which sees him playing at festivals and club residencies around the world and this year is no different. The Untitled Magazine’s editor-in-chief, Indira Cesarine, got the 411 on his upcoming tour dates, his musical transformation, recent collaborations, and his bold new look. Check out the exclusive interview and photo shoot to get clued in on what the world’s biggest DJ is up to.

David wears an army jacket by BALMAIN, a sweate by LOUIS VUITTON. and jeans and boots by SAINT LAURENT.

Indira Cesarine: I understand you have a new album coming out, which we can’t wait to check out! The first single, “Light My Body Up” ft. Nicki Minaj & Lil Wayne is out now. Can you tell us about the inspiration for the new track and collaboration with Nicki Minaj & Lil Wayne on the song?

DG: I have collaborated with Nicki before on “Hey Mama,” “Turn Me On,” and “Where Them Girls At,” so you could say I definitely love working with her! I think it’s amazing to also have Lil’ Wayne on this track now, together with Nicki. There are a lot of hip hop influences in there and it’s quite different than previous songs I put out. I hope everyone likes it as much as I do.

IC: In our last interview, you were very focused on “Hey Mama” and how the record has changed your DJ’ing style, will your new music continue in a similar direction?

DG: I am always looking for new inspiration and I always want to try out different styles, but I never really plan on what direction I go. I get inspired by many things and that’s how new sounds and songs are created. I feel that the upcoming album will show a new phase in my musical career and I’m very excited about it!

IC: Can you share some of the other musical collaborations we can look forward to on your 7th studio album?

DG: No, it would spoil the surprise!

David wears a jacket, jeans and boots by SAINT LAURENT, and tank by ZEGNA.

IC: You surpassed 1 Billion views on YouTube of “Hey Mama” recently, that’s phenomenal! Did you predict that your fusion of electro and hip-hop would become such a massive hit?

DG: I was very happy with the end result but you can never predict how big a song will be! I’m very honored that “Hey Mama” became such a huge hit, and I couldn’t have done it without Nicki, Bebe and Afrojack of course.

IC: You recently collaborated with Robin Schulz and Cheat Codes on the track “Shed A Light”, can you tell us about that collaboration and inspiration for the song?

DG: Yes, Robin’s tracks are always very musical and emotional, so to me it felt like it was the right match to create such a song with. The track is about that classic situation where you’re falling for someone, but you’re unsure if they feel the same.

IC: As always I’m sure you are massively busy performing – aside from your residency in Vegas, do you have any exciting tour dates ahead you can share?

DG: Yes, as with every summer I have loads of great dates coming up! I will host my residencies in Ibiza this year starting in June at Pacha and Ushuaia. I’m also playing the legendary Isle of Wight Festival and loads of other great festivals!

David wears a jacket by SAINT LAURENT, t-shirt by TWSTD available at Patricia Field NYC, joggers by DSQUARED2, and sneakers by LOUIS VUITTON.

IC: You perform annually at the Ultra music festivals including your recent performance at Ultra JoBurg, can you tell us about that?

DG: Ultra is an amazing festival and I’m always honored to play there, wherever in the world it might be. Joburg was amazing as well as Cape Town… It’s so beautiful out there!! I’ve enjoyed every minute of it.

IC: What other destinations have you performed at recently that really stand out?  Mumbai?  Asian tour?

DG: Yes, India is an amazing country and I love the dedication of the fans over there. And Mexico is always amazing to play, as the crowds are crazy! Wherever I go and see people having fun, smiling – it doesn’t matter how big or small the venue is.

IC: You have a residency at Wynn Las Vegas, what are some highlights from your experiences in Vegas doing the residency?

DG: I actually love Las Vegas more and more. The city is very unique in its own way, and I really love to go there and play at Wynn’s clubs! The settings of the venues are very next level which makes playing the shows even better and it kind of feels like coming home. The team there is like a family.

David wears a jacket, jeans and boots by SAINT LAURENT, and tank by ZEGNA.

IC: Last year you performed for 150,000 fans to mark the opening of the UEFA Euro tournament with your song “This One’s For You”, can you tell me about the experience, it must have been incredible!  I understand you invited 1,000,000 fans to help sing the chorus of the single and you recently released a short film on the experience?

DG: It was an amazing experience to perform under the Eiffel Tower and to make the official theme song for the Euro2016. We thought it was a cool idea to involve a lot of different people since soccer brings so many people together. That’s why we asked a million fans to sing the chorus and we included it in the song.

IC: You continue to serve as brand ambassador for the UN, raising awareness for #humanitarianheroes, can you tell us about that initiative?

DG: It’s an initiative that gives more attention to aid-workers who perform such important jobs, life-saving jobs. It’s important that we give support to these people and that we all realize how much of a difference they are making in this world.

IC: Do you consider yourself supportive of feminism?

DG: I consider myself a supporter of equality and equal chances for everybody, no matter what sex, race or age.

IC: You recently chopped off your hair! What prompted the new look?

DG: You know, I’m releasing new music with a different sound and I wanted to cut my hair for a while – now felt like the right time!

IC: You have such an insane schedule with back to back performances as well as new tracks releasing, what keeps you inspired?

DG: My love for music! I have a very busy schedule but because I love music so much, it doesn’t feel like work to me.

IC: Any words of wisdom you can share with our readers who aspire to be the next big thing?

DG: Never give up! Always believe in yourself and work as hard as you possibly can!

Check out David’s latest track below:

Photography + Interview by Indira Cesarine 
Fashion Editor Indira Cesarine
Market Editor Izzy Ruiz
Grooming by Nil Muir

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