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Coinciding with New York Fashion Week, The Untitled Magazine teamed up Korean Fashion Designers Association (KFDA) to present the GNK pop-up. From September 5th-12th, 2014, eight Korean designers’ Summer/Spring 2015 Womenswear collections were exclusively shown at The Untitled Space. The designers participating in the event were: Aan, Ans, Goenjo, Heich es Heich, Jarret, Jiseung Lee, Kumaan, and Ze Quun (see the list below for designer bios). Sponsors of the pop-up included Gang-Nam, district of Seoul, South Korea, UBER, and Madeline’s.

The pop-up closed with a private reception, held at the Tribeca location on the show’s final day, September 12th, 2014. The event, which was from 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm, was hosted by Irene Kim, model and co-host of KSTYLE TV.

KFDA is the first fashion designers’ organization founded under the ministry of culture and tourism of the republic of Korea. It has been rooted in the historical legitimacy for 53 years in Korean fashion history. KFDA has held regular collections twice a year as a top designers group of Korea, participating in the Seoul collection. For more information, visit www.koreafda.com


Meet the designers:

Aan is a brand that pursues a daily look style that feels comfortable, but looks quite equipped. Aan is not excessive, but rather, wants to show something different compared to others.

An Yoon Jung Ans started as a private order-made designer shop called An Yoon Jung Boutique in February 1975. Since then, the brand has developed a prêt-à-porter line with a reputation. An Yoon Jung Ans is  a representative brand of luxury suits pursuing the best quality and controlled beauty of sculpture. Our basic concept is to make comfort and stable patterns by using materials of high quality and minimal lines.

Goenjo started her own label in 2009 at her husband’s gallery. Now she is using it as her own store in Seoul, Korea. At the age of 19, she moved to NewYork City where she attended FIT School of Fashion, where she also partook a variety of internships and received various awards. Now she resides in Seoul, where there is never shortage of inspiration in Life, art and love. As a wife of an artist, she extends her clothing through fine art. Paintings, which comes into prints and sculptures, into constructed tailored pieces. Also being a mother, she features practicality and comfort. Various sizes fit flawlessly into her clothes. Compatible and timeless, yet with distinctive designs, Goen wants to dress real people who are aware of originality and quality.

Heich Company is the fashion company newly established by Korean designer Sanghyuk Han, better known as Mr. Heich, in 2013. Mr. Heich launched “Heich Es Heich” as his first full collection of menswear and womenswear in 2014. Especially central to the design of Heich Es Heich is the idea of tailoring for human that includes both menswear and a menswear-inspired womens’ line. The brand cares about the space between two things in a world, focusing on the concept of “between.” It starts with an idea that explores the middle of the area between men and women, adult and kid, art and technology, black and white, past and future, warmth and coolness, and so on. Heich Es Heich creates new alternative clothing for men and women with their own twisted sensibility on the basis of imagining the elements in different scales.

JARRET is a compound word of ‘impact’ and ‘return’. The brand Jarret expresses the harmony between masculinity and feminitiy, avant-garde and minimalism, east and west, as well as other basic dualities in the world. At the same time, the brand is intended for the 21st-century woman who’s defined by post modern feminity.

Jiseung Lee is a high-end independent designer label, which is well-known for its modern looks, clean and wearable separates, and unique accessories, including sunglassses, shoes, and bags. The pieces have a distinct appeal for minimal and sophisticated styles with a focus on fabric quality and glamorous colors.

Kumann Yoo Hye Jin is a Seoul-based brand. Hye Jin Yoo has been redefining the brand identity of Kumann in a contemporary avant-garde by emphasizing creative structure and sculptural details, along with a search of new materials and fabrications. Ready-to-wear collections of Kumann Yoo Hye Jin have been presented with artistic concepts and exclusive fabric prints in an approach of half-couture. It is a new emerging brand that has been appealed to global market and sold to the Middle-East and China since its launch in 2011.

Using couture sentimental characteristics, the designs reflect temperate avant garde and moderate bling based on its positive mind on self-expression. Every collection shows a structual craft sentiment with bold materials of mix matched texture. Ze Quun is great for the metropolitan woman in her 20s-30s, who wish to express a contemporary fashion aeshtetic of unconstrained delicacy.


Following the preview at the GNK pop-up showroom, the selected designers’ contemporary collections will also be exhibited at The ENK Coterie Show at Javits Center in New York from September 14th-16th for an extended opportunity to present to buyers.

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