Flo Morrissey photographed by Anoushka Beckwith for The Untitled Magazine #GirlPower Issue. Flo wears a complete look by Missoni, paired with jewelry by Pat’s Vintage.
Flo Morrissey photographed by Anoushka Beckwith for The Untitled Magazine #GirlPower Issue. Flo wears a complete look by Missoni, paired with jewelry by Pat’s Vintage.

“I think it is important for us to be individuals, and not rely too much on looking for something that someone else has and trying to replicate that. We all are on our own unique path.”

Twenty-year-old Flo Morrissey certainly knows a thing or two about paving one’s own way. She is the daughter of Helena Morrissey, a revolutionary British businesswoman who is the CEO of famed Newton Investment Management and the founder of the 30% Club, which she created to get that proportion of women into Britain’s boardrooms. Her Buddhist stay-at-home father helped raise Flo and her eight siblings.

After a childhood of singing in the choir and at talent shows, Flo left school at seventeen to pursue music. Influenced by musicians Bob Dylan and Nick Drake who “set the foundation for my own exploring and fascination to begin,” as well as Billie Holiday, her career took off when her YouTube video “If You Can’t Love This All Goes Away” led to her getting signed by record label Glassnote of Mumford & Sons and Chvrchs fame. The music she creates could be described as thoughtful, dreamy folk – although leave it to the French to find the perfect word to describe it. “A French musician said he would call my music dentelle which means lace in French. I loved this. I always struggle to describe my music to people – lace is so fragile but has this intricate beauty and detail to it.”

Her debut album, Tomorrow Will Be Beautiful, came out this past summer. Of its lead single, “Pages of Gold,” she comments, “I suppose it’s quite a personal song but the message really is that we all have these pages of gold installed in our minds,” explains Flo. “Even if on the surface it seems easier and makes more sense to say ‘Yes,’ and go back – sometimes we have to go with the ‘No’ and trust that it’ll be better off in the end.”

Trusting her gut is how she garnered success, though her rise hasn’t come without its hurdles. “Being taken seriously as a seventeen-year-old girl wasn’t easy. I started very young and would go to meetings alone and the people I met always presumed I had no idea about the world or what I wanted. It was frustrating but helped me become stronger and know how to stand my ground.” Dedicated first and foremost to the message she hopes to send through her music, Flo has nothing but words of inspiration for her fans. “I hope they can take something special for themselves from the songs, and know that we are all human and not alone.” For those seeking to follow in her footsteps, her advice is simple. “Don’t be lazy, but do have a little fun with the world and with creating. Find your friend in the songs and music.”

Photography by Anoushka Beckwith for The Untitled Magazine #GirlPower Issue

This article originally appeared in The #GirlPower Issue of The Untitled Magazine (2015), pick up a print edition of the #GirlPower Issue today!

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