With their latest release, Hey Violet proves that taking risks pays off. The band showcases a brand new sound in their latest video for the single, “Guys My Age.” Directed by Sophia Ray, the 80’s punk-inspired video takes place at California’s Madonna Inn and Pink Hotel. The video represents Hey Violet’s transformation from a punk-rock band to an increasingly trendy, synth-driven group. The clash of femininity and pop from front-woman, Rena Lovelis, gives a effervescent edge to the powerful and feisty sounds of historic female punk bands. Hey Violet’s dedication to staying true to their origin, while introducing a new sound has culminated in the creation of this track.

“We are so proud of this video. We created a dream-like pastel fairytale sequence that we wanna get lost in late at night.” -Rena Lovelis 


Beginning in 2008 as a band called Cherri Bomb, Hey Violet has evolved their personal style to gain a larger audience. Hey Violet’s army of loyal followers have built an empire on nearly every social media platform and continue to capture zealous fans, especially among millennial women. “Guys My Age” follows Hey Violet’s recent EP, Brand New Moves, which was introduced in August. On November 10th, Hey Violet appeared on The Late Late Show with James Corden to make their first television debut as leaders in this new generation of female rock.

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