TAAKK Spring ’19.

New York Fashion Week: Men’s kicked off on July 9th with New York Men’s Day (NYMD). Scroll down for some highlights of the shows and presentations.


Vanessa Zhang, a Chinese actress and entrepreneur hopes to help Chinese fashion designer’s with her Fashion Incubator program debuted at NYMD. Through the program, she sponsors three emerging artists from China and offers mentorship for them to develop skills and gain industry exposure worldwide. One of the designers she chose was Kevin Ng of Unawares, whose style is minimalistic. Also present is designer Han Xu along with 2018 Parsons graduate Jiahao Wan.


This is Sweden was founded in 2013 by siblings Ana and Pablo Londoño who were born in Colombia, but grew up in Sweden. Motivated as a political response to their country’s far right leanings, this is Sweden attempts to communicate messages of activism and commitment to anti-racist agendas through fashion. Their spring 2019 collection was characterized by non-military camouflage, embroidery, and yellow and blue to represent the Swedish Flag. Additionally, the word ‘solidarity’ in Swedish and a clenched fist frequently appear as emblems of resistance.


The Japanese designer, Yosuke Demukai, who started TAAKK, is known for experimenting with different textiles to create his own fabrics. For the Spring 2019 collection he experimented again, mixing outrageous patterns, innovative denim creations, and knit textures to develop a collection inspired by things he sees everyday.


Sundae School is a brand centered around the idea of making comfortable, high-quality clothes to wear while smoking. The smokewear’ brand launched in 2017 and has quickly gained momentum, debuting for the first time at NYMD this year. Sundae School’s Spring 2019 collection taps into Korean influences and continues the brands signature, light-hearted weed humor. Some new jacket designs even include a loop on the inside to hold a joint.


NYC-based Descendants of Thieves is known for their colorful and vibrant combinations and their Spring 2019 collection is no outlier. The models sported Day of the Dead skeleton prints, Mayan serpents, and other aspects of Mexican culture for a casual, breezy look. Creative director Matteo Maniatty was inspired for this collection after taking a trip to Tulum and the Mayan Riviera.

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