Antonio Blair (“Dosha Devastation”) and Adam Radakovich (“Cunty Crawford LaDosha”) of House of Ladosha

House of Ladosha | This is UR Brain
33 34th Street, 6th Floor, Brooklyn NY
January 15-February 28, 2016
Opening Reception: Friday, January 15th 8-10PM

The Bruce High Quality Foundation (BHQF) presents House of Ladosha, with This is UR Brain, a new body of work, on view from January 15th to February 28th.  BHQFU is teaming up with House of Ladosha for an ambitious, immersive installation and public programs series for the inaugural exhibition in the newly established Bruce headquarters in Sunset Park.  The opening directly follows the move of BHQFU, the free art school and FUG gallery space to the BHQF Studio in Sunset Park.

This is UR Brain is House of Ladosha’s second exhibition and will dive deeper into their shared vocabulary for the social and political signifiers of race, gender, sexuality and salient power in the information age. Manipulating, dissecting and remaking language via image, text and performance is the DNA of “Ladosha culture.” Themes of “cunt life,” habitual anxiety and escapism will be addressed through series of performative videos and mixed media works that begin to map a bizarre terrain into the fragmented landscapes of contemporary identity.


With a focus on time-based media, House of Ladosha creates and recreates a collection of performances and videos that reflect the Ladosha manifesto/perspective on current affairs and of course, what it means to be “cunt.” As a collective, they will also showcase a collection of new collaborative pieces using photography, installation, painting and more. The project will showcase a wide range of art from members of the House of Ladosha including Cunty Crawford Ladosha (Adam Radakovich), Neon Christina Ladosha (Christopher Udemezue), General Rage Ladosha (Riley Hooker), Magatha Ladosha (Michael Magnan), La Fem Ladosha (Antonio Blair), and YSL Ladosha (Yan Sze Li) with collaboration from house members like Juliana Huxtable Ladosha.

The opening event on January 15th starts at 8PM with the exhibition reception followed by the exhibition party at 10PM with performances by Contessa Stuto II, Sam Banks, Thurman Green,La Fem and DJ sets from Abby, TYGAPAW, False Witness and Juliana Huxtable – the exhibition will be on view by appointment through February 28th. Classes will begin on Sunday, January 24th.
For more information about the event, click here.


House of Ladosha is a NYC-based art collective who, in their own way, continue the concept of the “house” as it emerged from the ballroom community – a way of opposing traditional ideas of family and art collectives alike. It is about a state of mind, about friendship and shared interests, with house members who all question and transform stereotypical ideas of race, sexuality and gender in their own creative ways. With an A-list fan base including Rihanna and Azealia Banks, this subversive collective works from a variety of angles including art, fashion, and music.


BHQFU is New York City’s freest art school and community space offering a full curriculum of critique courses, studio residencies, and special events. The educational programming is enriched by a rigorous exhibition series at the university gallery FUG, launched in 2015. BHQFU was founded in 2009 by The Bruce High Quality Foundation, representing an alternative educational model that treats artistic knowledge as distinct from professional practices, as a knowledge born from conversations between artists and the histories they make together. BHQFU is 100% free for all students. Guest lecturers and critics include Francesco Clemente, Marilyn Minter, Alex Katz, Juliana Huxtable, Eric Fischl, Jeffrey Deitch, Rashid Johnson, Josephine Halvorson, David Salle, Jane Holzer and Betty Tompkins. Classes for the upcoming semester begin Sunday, January 24th.

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