Courtesy of Manifattura Mario Colombo.

The Italian luxury sportswear brand, Colmar has released its new collection for Autumn/Winter 2022. The collection titled “In Cohesion with Nature” encompasses the warm tones of fall with bright accents and the darker hues of winter to contrast with bright, icy neutrals. The collection is practical, sustainable, and elevated for the upcoming seasons. The timeless, yet modern pieces are meant to fall in fluidity with the surroundings of nature. From wool coats to puffer jackets, the fall and winter seasons are easily transitional with this upcoming collection. 

Courtesy of Manifattura Mario Colombo.

The autumn styles offer lightweight and waterproof jackets that create a timeless, classic style. With brown shades to darker blues to brighter colors, the jackets are not only made for comfort and practicality but to showcase the beauty of the autumn season. The collection makes it easy to find the ideal jacket while supporting sustainability through Colmar’s use of recycled polyamide fabric. The natural, refreshing hues feel down-to-earth and authentic, a staple for the transition into colder weather. 

Some other styles include a combination of soft wool and polyester jersey to merge a contemporary and neutral look for the perfect autumn outerwear. 

Courtesy of Manifattura Mario Colombo.

Their menswear collection for the winter season offers sustainable material made especially for Colmar by Pertex. With dense manufacturing for durable resistance and protection, the jackets merge practicality and sleek style. While the jackets are also waterproof, the colors and styles of the jackets feel effortless. A mixture of bright and neutral tones bring out all aspects of nature for the collection. Some of the other styles include stretchy polyester for added warmth and comfort – perfect for the bone-aching chilly seasons. 

The winter styles even offer a leather puffer jacket with two current models. The high-fashion look, curating a contrast between a lighter and darker shade, is accomplished through the use of soft imitation leather and lightweight mini-ripstop fabric.  

The womenswear collection presents brighter colors and contemporary styles that brighten up the winter months. With the use of recycled polyamide to create a sustainable, yet high-fashion look, the options are limitless, all while curating greater eco-sustainability.

A more feminine fabric is used in another style: a polyester satin to bring a sleek, delicate look while still including practical winter coat needs. The graceful coat has various models including a sophisticated trench coat, streetwear jacket with hood, and more for every occasion.

Courtesy of Manifattura Mario Colombo.

Their capsule collection adds a different look to their repertoire – titled “Back to University” it is inspired by the collegiate students of American and British Universities. The collection encompasses various jackets, t-shirts, pants, and more to bring about a sophisticated, yet youthful look. With a focus on softness, comfortability, and a “touch of humor,” the pieces are effortless and sporty. Also in this collection, the fabric is designed by Pertex to include functional benefits such as its waterproof and sustainable techniques.

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