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I AM BUNNY is a series of photographs made by JOÃO CARLOS. Mostly spontaneous and intuitive, sometimes even out of the blue and in other occasions deliberate or during carefully planned sessions. A diverse set of people throughout the world have taken position in front of different cameras, sometimes man sometimes woman; lovers, close friends, strangers and João himself brought Bunny alive, developing the story and concept.

Born in New York to Portuguese parents, JOÃO CARLOS is a fashion, advertising and fine art photographer and director moving between New York and Lisbon. Though he wished for a ‘real’ camera at the age of five, João’s artistic explorations began with painting and fine arts which led him to study arts in Lisbon. Nowadays he works freelance for advertising agencies, magazines, fashion apparel and beauty companies all over the world. With a strong technical background he creates wonderful imagery and video with a great variety of styles, as well as clean commercial images and portrait photography revealing attitudes and feelings of his models. One of the highlights so far in his photographic career came in 2010 when he won the prestigious Hasselblad Masters Award.

‘I am Bunny’ and ‘Love Tragedies’ are ongoing projects that bring together the artistic and technical skills of João and show his versatility and creativity as a professional photographer and artist.

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