‘Dior: The Art of Color,’ image courtesy of Dior.

Since the 1949 release of the first “Rouge Dior” lipsticks, Dior has been the fasihion world’s authority on color and beauty. Now the brand has released a brand new book that showcases the legendary fashion’s house’s illustrious history of style, fashion, and beauty as channelled through makeup. Dior: The Art of Color is not only a must-have for Dior addicts but also for any art lover who appreciates the brighter side of life. Divided into twelve chapters of hues (White, Silver, Nude, Pink, Red, Purple, Blue, Green, Yellow, Gold, Gray, and Black), the book features different legendary make-up artists and their insights and  interpretations  of Dior make-up moments, as captured by well-known photographers including Irving Penn, Guy Bourdin, and Richard Burbridge.

From 'Dior: The Art of Color. Image courtesy of Dior.
From ‘Dior: The Art of Color,’ image courtesy of Dior.

Although Dior: The Art of Color focuses on Serge Lutens, Tyen, and Peter Philips, (past and present creative directors of Dior Makeup), the book also includes iconic images from Dior’s past advertising campaigns, artistic and literary references and inspirations, and sketches. Juxtaposed with new imagery and commentary from Lutens, Tyen, and Philips, the book paints the complete portrait of Dior’s inspiring past, distinguished present, and bright future.

From 'Dior: The Art of Color,' image courtesy of Dior.
From ‘Dior: The Art of Color,’ image courtesy of Dior.

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