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Kate Moss: 40 – A Retrospective
Imitate Modern Gallery – London, England
January 17 – February 15, 2014.

Kate Moss, arguably the most famous model of all time, will be turning 40 on January 16th of next year and, to celebrate the model’s birthday, artist Russell Marshall will be holding an exhibition in her honor. The exhibition will feature ten iconic images of Moss, ranging from ages 14 to 39, which will be presented across ten canvases in ten different colors. The photos will be available for purchase at the exhibition in any of the colors – giving both art and Kate enthusiasts 100 different color combinations to choose from. A mini biography of Moss will accompany each of the photos and will contain some of her most famous quotes.

“‘Celebrity’ can be short-lived these days” says Marshall, “but not so with Kate. While other celebs have come and gone… Kate has stayed. Kate’s not just a survivor and she’s not hanging on to fame. She grows bigger, brighter and more iconic each year.”

– Jessica Natale for The Untitled Magazine

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