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View images from “The (Re)Birth Of Venus” performance of “In The Raw” exhibit at The Untitled Space (36 images)

On June 1st, in celebration of extended dates of the critically acclaimed exhibit, “In The Raw: The Female Gaze on The Nude,The Untitled Space gallery presented, “The (Re)Birth of Venus,” a special original performance by famed dancer, Katherine Crockett. She is best known for playing the lead role in the Off-Broadway, late night hit, “Queen of the Night” so she had no trouble performing for the gallery’s large crowd which included The Untitled Magazine’s editor-in-chief Indira Cesarine, who curated the exhibit, along with artists, Annika Connor, Elisa Garcia de la Huerta, Maria Tomanova, Loretta Mae Hirsch, Katya Zverera, Leah Schrager, among many others.

The art of “In The Raw” was the perfect background for “The (Re)Birth of Venus.” as the performance explored a woman’s transformation and rebirth and as such, echoed themes of the exhibit which showcases artwork that portrays uncensored and intimately female visions of the female nude. Two performers, Erin Reed and Mariana Plick, dressed in nude bodysuits, accompanied Katherine for the duration of “(Re)Birth.” They began the performance with the unfurling of a transparent fabric which enveloped Katherine who became more and more exposed as she danced and writhed until the fabric fell completely away and she stood before the gallery audience completely nude, a Venus reborn and in the raw.

Don’t miss “In The Raw: The Female Gaze on The Nude,” showing through Saturday, June 4th at The Untitled Space Gallery, 45 Lispenard St, NYC 10013. Open hours are Monday-Friday, 10am-6pm, Saturday, 12-4pm.

Exhibiting artists of “In The Raw” include: Amanda Charchian, Aneta Bartos, Annika Connor, Coco Dolle, Elisa Garcia de la Huerta, Ellen Jong, Indira Cesarine, Jennifer Caviola, Katya Zvereva, Kelsey Bennett, Leah Schrager, Logan White, Loretta Mae Hirsch, Lynn Bianchi, Maria Kreyn, Marianna Rothen, Marie Tomanova, Meredith Ostrom, Sophia Wallace and Victoria de Lesseps.

Event photography by Dustin Wayne Harris.

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