Kevin Hatt

Clic Bookstore & Gallery
255 Centre Street
New York, NY 10013

Since migrating to NYC from Vancouver in the early 1980’s, photographer Kevin Hatt has created images for a prestigious and wide range of publications, clients & collectors. Fashion, Beauty, Landscape, Architecture & Portraiture alike, his photographs have been recognized and selected as International Award winning images.

Kevin’s passion as an auteur is informed and fueled by his passion as a viewer. That self-recognition led to his curating and publishing of Kit & Caboodle magazine. A showcase for otherwise unseen, unpublished images by working photographers, Kit & Caboodle was embraced and recognized as being ‘by photographers-for photographers’. It inspired and informed an entire genre of photo publications in
its wake.

Kevin Hatt’s photographs at once reveal occupation and abandonment, clutter and emptiness. Selected images reveal a destroyed recliner in the middle of an empty city block; used suitcases that may have transported treasured, important, or discrete documents, are photographed at second hand shops; stereo equipment that may have provided the soundtrack to a life are seen at a junk sale. These discarded and displaced objects, solitary figures, empty domestic spaces, and remote landscapes create a narrative structure that conjures questions such as who these objects belong to, who lives here, where are they, and what will be the fate of these left behind things?

The phrase “One man’s trash is another’s treasure” comes to mind when viewing Hatt’s photographs. In this case, the phrase should be made plural, as the treasure is Hatt’s photographic oeuvre – a record of the soon-to-be fossils of our time for all us to see.


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