Meet The Untitled Magazine’s NOW issue cover star, Jess Glynne, the 29-year-old Grammy award-winning singer/songwriter making chart-topping history. Her catapult to the top goes back to 2015 with her 3x platinum-selling debut album “I Cry When I Laugh”. It debuted at number one in the UK, spanning 12 million worldwide singles sales, 39 weeks on the UK top 10, 2.5 billion Spotify streams, and a sold-out UK arena tour. Forward to 2018, her sophomore album, “Always in Between,” repeated her success, also debuting at No 1 on the UK charts. Glynne is notably the only British female to achieve seven No 1 singles in the UK.

Her singles are now anthems memorized in her fans minds – songs like “Thursday,” penned with Ed Sheeran, and “I’ll be There” exude relatability. She dives into themes such as friendship and forgiveness and makes them fervent and tenacious with her now ubiquitous pop beats and her assertive, soulful delivery on every stage she steps on. Jess encapsulates the sort of artist that dives in and brings forth something we can all relate to – music that touches your heart and makes you feel more alive.

Jess Glynne – cover and feature by Indira Cesarine for The Untitled Magazine’s NOW Issue. Jess wears a denim jacket with pearls and ruffles by LAURENCE & CHICO, crop top by MICHAEL KORS, sequin trousers by FAITH CONNEXION.

Untitled’s Indira Cesarine sat down with the soulful songstress to discuss her latest album, inspirations, and challenges she has faced along the way as she gears up for her 2019 tour, which kicks off on March 25th in San Francisco, CA.

I interviewed you back in 2015 for our GirlPower issue when your debut album, “I Cry When I Laugh” was releasing. What stands out to you as some of your biggest highlights and achievements since then?
There are so many things that have happened over the past few years and my life has changed a lot. So many things I never thought I would do, like playing the main stage at Glastonbury! That was a massive overload, playing the pyramid stage. Doing an arena tour was something I thought I’d only ever dream of. Selling over a million albums is another thing. The list is kind of endless!

Your new album “Always In Between,” released this past October, and debuted at number one in the UK. What inspired the album title?
I called it “Always In Between” because my life has been always in between. I came up with it before I even started writing it. It kind of came to me. I always like to have a title in my mind before I start writing. I guess it’s like, “I’ve been here, there, and everywhere,” both in my life physically and also emotionally with my relationships and friendships and my family. I’ve been all around the world. I’ve been pulled in a million different directions. Being in between was something that was quite stressful and something that made me feel very insecure about myself, always feeling pressured, and constantly being questioned. I am what I stand for.


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Photography and interview by Indira Cesarine 
Styling by Ty-Ron Mayes 
Hair by Cecilie Skaarup
Makeup by Faye Lauren

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