If you haven’t heard of Molly Marlette, it’s time to put her on your radar! The rising pop star has been making waves with her hit single, “Do Me A Favor,” an eighties-tinged confection that seamlessly marries Mollie’s classical vocal stylings with a wave of poppy synths that we can’t get out of our heads.

Now Molly is back with an intimate, acoustic version of “Do Me A Favor” and The Untitled Magazine has the exclusive video premiere. The self-directed clip features the Hollywood native sitting pretty while delivering a moving rendition of the sweet tune. Check out the brand new video for “Do Me A Favor (Live)” below and be sure to read our interview with Molly for behind-the-scenes insights.

The Untitled Magazine: You grew up in Hollywood, how has this shaped your music and your aesthetic?

Molly Marlette: Living in Hollywood I was always surrounded by the mythology of it all. It’s kind of unique in that it’s a place where the real world is so shaped by the narratives of fantasy. Like, whole neighborhoods that used to be backlots.

UM: You name Judy Garland as a huge inspiration and we could definitely spot some similarities between your vocal style and hers in “Do Me A Favor (Live).” Was that intentional?

MM: I don’t know I’ve always sung like this. Maybe subconsciously as a kid it was?

UM: Which other artists have influenced you the most?

MM: David Bowie, Marilyn Monroe, Ben Gibbard.

UM: Going back to “Do Me A Favor (Live),” can you tell us about the video? What was the inspiration behind it?

MM: The video and song both feel very intimate and personal, so I wanted to create a space that felt very private and performative at the same time, so I chose the mirror and a minimal backdrop.

UM: How does it feel to go acoustic as opposed to the original track, which is rather synthesizer-heavy?

MM: It’s always fun to play songs on my omnichord. I liked making it feel more vulnerable.

UM: Can you tell us about about your creative process? When you are songwriting, do you start with a more stripped-back style, like the song in the video, or do you already have all of the production in mind?

MM: I usually start with words before I think about the music. I tend to have a verse in mind or I’ll start with an image and kind of build a story around it, then the story will inform the music.

UM: You came to fame via Instagram, along with your aqua-dyed pomeranian, Theodore. How does your personal style relate to your musical style?

MM: I love story telling visually, so for me the aesthetic and the musical style really go together and they’re both ways of expressing yourself through narrative.

UM: You are the face of make-up brand, Limecrime. How did that collaboration come about?

MM: They reached out to me and presented the idea and I loved it. Doe Deere is amazing.

UM: What we can look forward to from you next?

MM: More music and maybe another video? Stay tuned!

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