Ooh La La – Photographed for The Untitled Magazine by Erica Bergsmeds. This image: Zara wears a coat by Fendi, Winnie wears a coat by Roksanda. 

Zara Martin and Whinnie Williams are the fashion It-girls and musical tastemakers that make up DJ duo, Ooh La La. In between playing for some of the biggest names in entertainment and music the ladies also find time to promote social causes and they still love a down and dirty basement party. Check out our interview below to get the inside scoop on the world of Ooh La La.

This image: Winnie wears a shirt by Burberry, skirt by Fyodor Golan and boots by Jimmy Choo. Zara wears a suit by Paul & Joe and boots by Burberry.

The Untitled Magazine: How did you meet and end up DJing together?

Zara Martin: We met on a photoshoot and kept seeing each other around and were like ‘Let’s be friends.’

Whinnie Williams: The first time I saw Zara at the shoot I thought she looked really cool and like a proper boss. I knew we would be best mates.

UM: What made you decide on the name, Ooh La La?

ZM: Tequila? I don’t remember how that happened but Whinnie went through a “French phase” and I didn’t put up a fight.

WW: I went hard in French themed stuff for a bit, haha.

UM: You got your big break when you played at a P Diddy party. How did that all line up?

ZM: It was thanks to our lovely DJ Booker, Justin, who organizes our life and we terrorize on a daily basis.

WW: He loves to hate us

UM: Whinnie, you are a musician. How do you balance that with DJing?

WW: It’s works out really nicely. I spend the day in the studio finishing my record and DJ at night.

Z: I’m her groupie!

UM: You both are known for your style, how do you decide what to wear on gig nights? Do you coordinate?

ZM: Sometimes! Other times it’s just too difficult so we give up. It’s mostly a lot of hair and heels.

WW: If we get to borrow clothes from a brand we are DJing from you can always bet we pick the same thing and turn up matching.

UM: Any favorite designers or make-up?

ZM: Fendi, Miu Miu, Gucci (low maintenance). For beauty products I wear Modern Muse Nuit fragrance, L’oreal ink eyeliner pen & Kerastase hair products.

WW: Everything Zara just said lol. Zara’s make-up is the dream!

UM: What are your favorite current tracks to hype up a room?

ZM: “Panda by Desiigner is still doing it and anything Kanye.

WW: Kanye for sure.

UM: What about for a mellow vibe?

WW: Lauryn Hill’s “Doo Wop (That Thing)” or my music, LOL.

ZM: I’m really into Banks & Michael Kiwanuka at the moment.

UM: Best crowd that you’ve played to so far?

ZM: I’m sure Whinnie will enjoy telling you about the time I was having so much fun playing in Azerbaijan I fell off the stage, so I will leave that to her…Generally, the grimier the party, the better because people are there to dance. At fashion events no one’s paying attention the the music. We played this party under a Mexican restaurant in east London and people were losing their shit.

WW: Azerbaijan was a fave, Zara fell off backwards and some prince caught her. Also the time I tore up a bouquet and threw them at the crowd as we played – I had a few glasses of wine so it seemed really poetic at the time.

UM: Where do you like to go when you are in NYC?

ZM: I love staying at the Bowery Hotel & il Buco for dinner. Also, anywhere that serves guac and Margaritazzzzzz! I love NYC because Hip Hop lives! I can’t handle going out and listening to EDM all night…

WW: I like Nitehawk Cinema and there’s a cool jazz place next door. Coney Island is great for mega-size burgers and chips.

UM: What do you like to do when you aren’t playing?

ZM: Eat.

WW: Hahaha, yes, Zara! We like to do weird sleepovers in random places on work trips. We are savages with a room tab.

UM: Are there any social issues or causes or that you feel strongly about?

ZM: I’m an ambassador for a charity called Women for Women International, an incredible organization that helps rebuild the lives of female survivors of war.

WW: I work with a few animal charity’s and personally rescue animals….I have ten!  I promote a vegan and veggie life and ways to save our poor planet, watch Cowspiracy guys!

UM: What’s can we look forward to from Ooh La La in the next year?

ZM: We’re coming for you NYC!

WW: Hell yea!!!

Photographer: Erica Bergsmeds
Stylist: Dee Moran
Makeup: Sarah Jagger
Hair: Steven Riashi
Stylist assistant: Alicia Barnet

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