On February 5th, upon the conclusion of the critically acclaimed exhibition, UPRISE / ANGRY WOMEN, esteemed auction site, Paddle 8 teamed up with The Untitled Space to host a benefit auction of artwork from the group show. Spearheaded by curator Indira Cesarine, the exhibition presented 80 female artists responding to the election. The radical visual art and timely message of UPRISE / ANGRY WOMEN caught the attention of global news and lifestyle publications including Harper’s Bazaar, Newsweek, W Magazine, Teen Vogue, Dazed Digital, and i-D, among others. Work for sale in the UPRISE benefit auction features a plethora of artistic mediums and practices, including photography, painting, sculpture, textiles, ceramic, and neon light art. Opening bids start as low as $65 and every purchase supports the ERA Coalition‘s Fund for Women’s Equality.

Check out below some of our highlights of works available via the Paddle 8: UPRISE benefit auction and head over to the official website to bid and possibly own a piece of the new feminist art resistance! Bidding closes on February 20th at 5pm.

‘Trump Voodoo Box’ by Rute Ventura. Current bid: $150.

‘Dear Patriarch’ by Tracy Brown. Current bid: $350.

‘F#@K Trump’ by Kristen Williams. Starting bid: $700.

‘American Angst’ by Annika Connor. Starting bid: $6,750.

‘Current Mood’ by Jennifer Dwyer. Starting bid: $500.

‘Donald Trump with a Crown of Roadkill’ by Cara De’Angelis. Starting bid: $2,000.

‘Election, 2016’ by Pat Badt. Starting bid: $1,000.

‘In Solidarity’ by Jordie Oetken. Starting bid: $800.

‘Sisters of Liberty’ by Natalie White. Starting bid: $750

‘Apologies to Our Mama’ by Audrey Lyall. Starting bid: $500.

‘Feels Awesome to be American’ by Enid Crow. Starting Bid: $800.

‘fuckoff’ by Indira Cesarine. Starting bid: $2,000.

‘God Bless America’ by Parker Day. Starting bid: $800.

‘Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea Part 2’ by Miss Meatface. Starting bid: $800.

‘Protect Yo Pussy’ by Fahren Feingold. Starting bid: $600.

‘Protest’ by Linda Friedman Schmidt. Starting bid: $3,200.

‘Shattered’ by Tatyana Murray. Starting bid: $1,500.

‘Ultraviolet, Ultraviolence’ by Renee Dykeman. Starting bid: $1,500.

‘I Want The Cake’ by Lynn Bianchi. Starting bid: $4,800.

“Undoing Gender Beings of T.R.O.G II” Elektra KB, Starting Bid $2000

‘Our Bodies Our Choice”, Kelly Witte – Current bid $150.00

‘He Said I Was a Delicate Flower’ by Jasmine Williams. Starting bid: $550.

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