Pheromone Hotbox, Amanda Chartrain

The first monograph from Los Angeles–based photographer Amanda Charchian, is set to be released this month. Titled “Pheromone Hotbox,” the book shows imagery that spins a fresh, modern look on femininity as we know it.  Produced by Hat & Beard Press,  “Pheromone Hotbox” is a term coined by Charchian herself. It describes “a space in which a biologically confounded process occurs, as our pheromones interact (in a nonsexual way) to generate creativity through both trust and mischievousness.” Chatchian has found that the feelings that occur when a woman photographs another woman. She has said, “I discovered that through the camera I had unique access tot he creative women around me. this newfound mode of intimate photographic investigation grew into a project in its own right.” The newest installment of this project is the book, “Pheromone Hotbox.”

Pheromone Hotbox
Pheromone Hotbox, Amanda Charchian

Charchian photographs her female artists, nude, in dramatic locations across the globe, including in Iceland, France, Costa Rica, Morocco, Israel and Cuba. The images created are a mix of ideas; while some are described as dreamy, others are erotic. This book of photography looks at the intimate and intense relationship between an artist and a model. Charchian has shown her works in galleries all over the world and has also had success with fashion and commercial work, which has appeared in numerous international publications, including Vogue, Huffington Post, i-D, Interview, Garage and Purple.

pheromone hotbox
Pheromone Hotbox, Amanda Charchian

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