Queen of the Night presents an unforgettable extravaganza melding elements of cabaret, dance and immersive performance art accompanied by cocktails and a dinner feast. Created by Sleep No More producer Randy Weiner, it opened on New Year’s Eve at the newly renovated Diamond Horseshoe supper club within the Paramount Hotel and tickets are available now through August 31st. Not for the faint-hearted, think along the lines of Cirque de Soleil crossed with Eyes Wide Shut and a dinner experience that could have been in the days of Caligula. The critics are calling it a “variety-show for the senses”,  “sinfully lavish dinner theatre madness” and a “circus of intimate sensation.”

queen of the night3

Expect the unexpected, and make sure to go open-minded and ready for a true experience. You may just be blindfolded, separated from your friends, end up washing a nearly naked girl or fondling the Queen herself. Guests are expected to dress in gala attire in order to please the Queen, and are invited in to experience the space led by the hand of one of her dancing entourage. Whispered words may be spoken into your ear by a tantalizing initiator, while you discover the delights of the experience and are led through the space as if in a maze. The performance itself has all the elements of a circus with acrobats throwing themselves through impossible hoops, contortionists and dancers nose-diving across the stage into the arms of a beefy partner. The costumes are equally provocative, with golden tipped phalluses adorning the male and female performers alike, and sheer, breast revealing ensembles adding an extra element of erotica to the already highly stimulating evening. The dinner feast has elements of a Roman binge, with spit roasted pigs, racks of ribs and large lobsters brought out with enormous fanfare, while glass jugs of red and white wine are downed as meat is devoured. You also have the option of a vegetarian paella if the carnivorous fare is not to your liking. Throughout the dinner, guests are entertained by a wide variety of performances, and are invited to immerse themselves into the experience.  You may be asked to dance across the stage or become part of the performance itself, which only adds to the charm and mystique of the unpredictable and highly original experience.

For more information or to purchase tickets, visit the website queenofthenightnyc.com
“Drink, Dine and be Dangerously Delighted by this Fusion of Theatre, Cuisine, Magic, Fashion  & Nightlife”

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