<em>Rob Raco Photograph by Tina Turnbow for The Untitled Magazine<em>

Best known for his role of Joaquin on the CW’s Riverdale, Rob Raco is also a musician; a drummer in particular. Constantly honing his chops, drumming still holds a place in this rising star’s future, but with his enthralling looks and talent, acting and modeling may push those plans aside.

Tina Turnbow from The Untitled Magazine recently caught up with him in the Lower East Side of Manhattan where we learned the 28-year-old Canadian heartthrob loves New York– especially the savor and vibe of the LES. Read on to find out more about this handsome, young gentleman.

<i>Rob Raco Photograph by Tina Turnbow for The Untitled Magazine<i>

Has being on Riverdale been positive in your swiftly growing acting career?
Riverdale has allowed me to reach a youthful audience that is growing and maturing rapidly. The responses and feedback from the show and character I play have focused my personal goals  to just connect with people. This allows me to grow more in-depth as an artist and to connect on a more personal level with new projects I choose.

<i>Rob Raco Photograph by Tina Turnbow for The Untitled Magazine<i>

Is there a particular genre of TV or film you’re interested in for your next role?
As previously mentioned, I just want to connect to someone out there. I was drawn to Sam (Johnny Depp) from Benny & Joon when I was younger, as he was of the beaten path and made me feel like I could just be myself. I would love odd roles like that.

As for next projects, I’ve worked with the creators of Portlandia on a couple pieces and now with comedic genius Tim Robinson on an untitled project. I would love to spread my reach into the comedic world. It’s just so intelligent.

<i>Rob Raco Photograph by Tina Turnbow for The Untitled Magazine<i>

You have a great presence in front of the camera – very photogenic. Would you be happy to fit in some modeling here and there?
I think that has to do with all the wonderful photographers I’ve worked with (haha). Modeling would be an interesting journey though. I’m always down to try new things.

<i>Rob Raco Photograph by Tina Turnbow for The Untitled Magazine<i>

You’re incredibly passionate about music. Can you share how it fits into your life, and where you see yourself going with it?Music is my life. Everything fits around it. As far as where I see myself going with it, I would love to sit behind a drum-set again. I have all new gear and have been practising my arse off. I would also love scoring films I’m working on.

<i>Rob Raco Photograph by Tina Turnbow for The Untitled Magazine<i>

You lived in New York a while back. LA vs NYC: what are your thoughts?
 New York City, hands down. Los Angeles is wonderful but it’s entertainment life all day long. NYC allows me to be a ghost and work on myself artistically while listening to the heartbeat of the city around me. It truly is an incredible place with the most authentic people.

<i>Rob Raco Photograph by Tina Turnbow for The Untitled Magazine<i>

Who are your biggest inspirations and influences when it comes to style, music, and acting?
First off, my mother. She was everything and will always be everything. As I grow, my influences have as well. I love characters. Vincent Gallo is an incredible character. He can create art and then disappear. I think John Bonham (Led Zeppelin) was also such a wonderful character. He was thunder behind a massive smile.

I’m drawn to the early works of Johnny Depp. I think someone who can throw away fame and embody so many unique characters from within is an amazing experience for us, the audience.

Photography, makeup, and styling: Tina Turnbow
All clothes: By Robert James

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