Ruby Modine photographed by Robert John Kley and styled by Phillip Bloch for The Untitled Magazine. This page: Ruby wears a sequin wrap dress by DIANE VON FURSTENBERG, a feather tassel beaded necklace and beaded bracelets by M. COHEN, a leopard fedora by GLADYS TAMEZ, czarina chandelier earrings and ruby ring by DARIA DE KONING and green strap shoes by CHLOE GOSSELIN.

“I’m going to conquer 2017 with love in my heart and do the best I can.” -Ruby Modine

In a year fraught with negativity and an industry full of jaded stars, Ruby Modine is a refreshing glimpse of a new breed of celebrity – one who is optimistic, grateful, and talented. As one of the latest additions to Showtime’s long running series, Shameless, Ruby shines as Sierra, a single mother who captures the heart of Lip, one of the show’s resident bad boys. The positivity that she brings to her role is authentic – Modine constantly sings the praises of her co-stars, her family, and the people she works with in the recording studio. Yep, she’s also a musician!

The Untitled Magazine’s style director, Phillip Bloch, got together with Ruby for an exclusive photo shoot and interview. Read below for the inside scoop on the secret to her success.

Left page: Ruby wears an ivory dress KAUFMAN FRANCO from NEIMAN MARCUS OF BEVERLY HILLS, a grey, black and white stripe sweater by RSN BOHEME, black and white low top sneakers by CONVERSE, a bracelet and necklace by M. COHEN, gold string earrings by ANNE SISTERON, tube socks by SHATORA ADRELL IRBY and a skateboard by BIKE USA. Right page: Ruby wears a pleated skirt by A.L.Cfrom SAKS OF BEVERLY HILLS, a pink rose leather moto jacket by THEORY from SAKS OF BEVERLY HILLS, a pink beanie by COS, T BY ALEXANDER WANG blush, a spandex lace up bodysuit from SAKS OF BEVERLY HILLS, a pink skateboard by BIKE USA, silver stone earrings and teardrop earrings by ANNE SISTERON and nude studded slippers by DONALD J PLINER.

Phillip Bloch: The world is starting to get to know how awesome, beautiful, talented and sexy you are from being one of the new additions to Showtime’s Shameless, which is in its 8th season. You play Sierra, how did that come together ?

Ruby Modine: Wow… a lot of complements, thank you! I wanted to audition for Shameless since it first aired. It started with a phone call with the exciting, and nerve-racking news, that I had an audition with the casting director, John Levey. I then got a callback, and
then another callback. After that I held my breath for days until I got the official news that I booked it. It’s a process.

PB: On the morning of your shoot your dad, Stranger Things star, Matthew Modine, brought you to the shoot in his new Porsche, like any concerned dad should do…but you both got a great surprise when I opened the door, because your dad and I have known each other for many years! From a daughter’s perspective, what makes your dad cool?

RM: I hadn’t driven in his Batmobile yet so called to see if he’d give me a ride. Why not have the coolest guy in the world drive me to my first huge shoot? What makes him cool is everything. He’s so funny, smart, and hugely talented. He inspires me every day, in so many ways, and I always end up buckled over laughing because he’s always in the midst of some crazy stunt. He also is a wicked cook so that’s also a plus.

Left page: Ruby wears a nude beaded crop jacket by MARK ZUNINO, a sheer brown dress by COS, nude studded slippers by DONALD J PLINER, a metallic stone button clutch by MARIA CHEENA, a feather tassel beaded bracelet and gold steel bracelets (left) by M. COHEN, dagny stacking rings, planets bracelets, satellites bracelets, hex bracelet and dagny drop cluster earrings by DARIA DE KONING. Right page: Ruby wears gold wide leg pants by ETRO from NEIMAN MARCUS, a ruffle blouse by RED VALENTINO RED from SAKS OF BEVERLY HILLS, a black faux fur by LANVIN from THE PAPER BAG PRINCESS, a bracelet (right) and gold steel bracelets (left ) by M. COHEN, a bracelet (left) and leopard teardrop earrings by DARIA DE KONING, a animal rustic clutch by MARIA CHEENA and a skateboard by BIKE USA.

PB: Your dad’s a handsome, talented actor and he’s not really caught up in the Hollywood scene but has an extremely long, successful career. What is some of the best guidance he’s given you in your work choices?

RM: To always pay attention, do my best, be prepared and study hard so that I am proud of my work and to give my full attention and passion to each project. To not worry about the things I cannot control. The working, the doing, moment to moment, is where you have to be fulfilled and then you have to hope for the best. I think Meryl Streep, like most committed artists, gave as much of herself to her least known performances as she gave to her most prominent. That’s my goal.

PB: How has he influenced you on how to find the right man to date?

RM:  Both he and my mother set the bar quite high in regards to the people I choose to have in my life, from my friends to my love life. I’m blessed that I’ve found myself in a wonderful relationship with someone who has a lot of these qualities and more.

Left page: Ruby wears a satin bomber jacket and satin embellished pant by PHILLIP LIM, a Black Cami by RSN BOHEME, earrings by ANNE SISTERON, a bracelet and black necklace by M. COHEN, gloves by THOMAS WYLDE, a rhinestone hat by GLADYS TAMEZ, shoes by CONVERSE and a skateboard by BIKE USA. Right Page: Ruby wears white studded pants by THOMAS WYLDE, a metallic button down by YSL with a neck tie by NEIMAN MARCUS, a peach vest by GIVENCHY from THE PAPER BAG PRINCESS, silver leaf earrings and a white gold ring by ANNE SISTERON and a black and white low top by CONVERSE.

PB: Acting is definitely working for you but you also have another creative passion, music. What are your favorite songs that you’ve recorded and what inspired them?

RM: I’ve fallen in love with little moments every single time I’ve been in a recording studio. It is an environment where I contribute to making something original, creative and personal. I feel very comfortable there. I love being surrounded by creative minds. There is so much hard work and joy in the many hours spent there. Recording the covers I’ve done has been so fun and collaborative. To study a great artist and then make it your own is an honor. I am most grateful to have been able to record songs I’ve written. My own songs would be my favorite because they all stem from self growth and introspection. Each song reveals a piece of me that I am or was in the process of healing and I am proud to admit that. During the recording of some of my music, I was emerging from darker times and was becoming enlightened about self respect, health and overall wellbeing.

PB: Family …awesome, TV… doing it, music, you got the beats! Any
film projects for you?

RM: Half to Death, Central Park and Reveangence!

PB: You are a ride or die adventurous type so we decide on a skater girl theme for this story because we wanted it to keep it real and authentic to you.  What are some of your favorite thrills to seek?

RM: I am down to try anything that will put a smile on my face, make my heart beat quicker or give me an adrenaline rush! Other than sky diving…that’s just crazy.

Left page: Ruby wears a black and white bow front blouse by KARL LAGERFELD PARIS, a navy and white tweed jacket by KARL LAGERFELD PARIS, white wide leg trousers by FENDI from SAKS FIFTH AVENUE, black and white high top shoes by KARL LAGERFELD, a hat by GLADYS TAMEZ, a purple, green, crystal and gold ring & pearl by ANNE SISTERON, a silver beaded bracelet and silver beaded necklace by M. COHEN, an off white chain clutch by RSN BOHEME and a black and white graphic skateboard from BIKE USA. Right page: Ruby wears a black zipper jacket by GIVENCHY from SAKS IN BEVERLY HILLS, a nude embellish top by MARK ZUNINO, leather pants with zipper pockets by THOMAS WYDLE, a solitaire red bowler hat by GLADYS TAMEZ, black and white high top sneakers by KARL LAGERFELD PARIS, a red/gold beaded tassel necklace by DARIA DE KONING and gold string earrings by ANNE SISTERON.

PB: On set when we were shooting, you told me that his was your first big glamorous fashion shoot.  Being 100% honest, what did you think?  What is style and fashion for you?

RM: The photo shoot was great! There was lots of goofing around, teasing one another and LOTS of gossip and opinions! Everyone made everything so easy. I was so happy to be surrounded by such kind-hearted artists. I can’t thank you enough, everybody! Style and fashion, to me,  is self expression.  It’s experimentation and a blank canvas waiting to be created. It’s also a tester because sometimes I think I have a kick ass outfit and then
once I’m out I’m like “Oh man… What have I done? ”

PB: 2016 was a very tumultuous year for the whole world and many have fear and are focused on the negativity some of these changes may bring about. How do you plan on conquering 2017?

RM: Keep working! I love doing what I do. I want to work with all of the people that I admire in the industry, which has already come true with Shameless. Self love, health, family and friends…I’m going to conquer 2017 with love in my heart and do the best I can. This is all really exciting.

PB: Favorite five: New music?

RM: Ariana Grande’s latest album played for nearly three months in my house…on repeat. I danced a lot.

PB: Favorite beauty secret?

RM: Basic: Lots of water, lots of sleep, good food.

PB: Favorite food recipe you really make?

RM: I love to cook anything and everything! I love making jalapeño veggie cheeseburgers and vegetable pot pies. Quiche, cookies, cupcakes…oh my gosh!

PB: Favorite film that describes Ruby Modine?

RM: Any movie of the original Three Stooges.

PB: Favorite way to chill?

RM: Watching movies in a onesie with my family and Cameron.

Photographer: Robert John Kley @robertjohnkley
Stylist: Phillip Bloch @phillipbloch
Hair: Gui Schoedler for Exclusive Artists Management using Olivia Garden
Makeup: Atlas Ferrera @atlasferrera
Assistant Stylist: Jessie Muldrow @jessiemuldrow, Shatora Irby, Eva Chafeh

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