Ryan Mosley Anatomy and the Wall

Ryan Mosley | Anatomy and the Wall

Alison Jacques Gallery,
16-18 Berner’s Street, London W1T 3LN
January 28 – March 3, 2016

The Alison Jacques Gallery will present its fourth solo exhibition of work by up-and-coming artist, Ryan Mosley.

Mosley, a Royal College of Art graduate, has been praised by art critics internationally for his “trippy, funny and melancholy” rich canvases, which are awash with vibrant colours and emotions.

The 35-year-old was also tipped as one of the ‘100 Artists of Tomorrow’ in the 2014 coffee-table book of the same name. To date, he has shown his works throughout the UK, and in Australia, Prague, Russia, Germany and Azerbaijan.

Now, the artist is gearing up for his fourth solo exhibition at London’s leading contemporary space, the Alison Jacques Gallery.

Ryan Mosley Anatomy and the Wall 2

The exhibit, entitled ‘Anatomy and the Wall’ will showcase Mosley’s latest series of paintings, an imaginative series which follow his eccentric and eclectic cast of characters on a magical journey through a dream world.

Mosley’s work toes the line between figurative and abstract. In his large scale works, characters morph into objects or into the atmosphere, in his depicted world of 19th century Montmartre. His subjects are based on the illustrious artists, writers, musicians and dancers who occupied the creative Parisian village at the time.

Ryan Mosley Alison Jacques Gallery 2

 (Images courtesy of the Alison Jacques Gallery)

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