Created by PATO GUILLAMON & JESUS, Featuring photos by PATO GUILLAMON and Motion Graphics by JESUS of NOITION ARTES, Music by HANSCHENKLIEN.

Subliminal Reality is an animated photographic series, features the photography of Patricio Guillamon with motion graphics by Jesus of Noition Artes.  The imagery features Francesca Fiorentini and Patricio Guillamon, with the multimedia edit creative direction by Indira Cesarine and music by Hanschenklein.

In the words of the artist Patricio Guillamon regarding the creation of the imagery seen in Subliminal Reality, “Surrealism is a complex but common element of our daily lives.  We often daydream about impossible things, we mix that impossibility with real life, and then begin to believe in the possibility of everyday transformation. So maybe those sceneries, the bizarre and the juxtaposition of the imaginary and the real, are just parallel worlds of our unique imagination. I believe each and everyone of us has and needs a quota of surrealism in our lives to unplug from the routine: to have visions of creations, to then create those visions, and finally see where those creations take us. This is a piece of a surrealism from my life, to meet my quota.”






As a photographer and artist, Patricio Guillamón’s work spans the worlds of fashion, photojournalism and pop art, highlighting both the real and imaginary and focusing intimately on the subject. Whether backstage, on the street, or in a remote mountain town, Patricio’s photography documents life through its most intimate and quiet moments, following a shadow, a glance, and the spaces between. Through experimental photography and psychedelic digital collages composed of distilled images of his own and others’ work, Patricio plays with symbols and meaning, offering up his own artistic and political commentary with series such as Weapons of Mass Seduction and works like Ayatollah Vs Uncle Sam.


Jesus came from very humble and hard working beginnings based in Denver. He attended the University of Colorado at Denver Digital Animation Center for a few years where he found his first internship. He started doing studio production and worked his way up to working on interactive design projects.

After that, he decided to move to New York with pennies in his pocket and ambition in his heart. After freelancing for a bit and bouncing from project to project, he began to quickly gain some momentum and respect in the industry. Jesus is now following his artistic mind, and God’s influence, to open new doors and meet new people. His work, like his inspiration will continue to grow as long as he is doing what he loves.



Touted as a “photographic child protégé”, Indira Cesarine’s first solo exhibition was at the age of 16 at the Paul Mellon Arts Center. By the time she graduated high school she had exhibited 4 one-woman shows of her photographic work.  While finishing a triple major in Art History, French Literature and Women’s Studies at Columbia University, she began shooting for a variety of top modeling agencies including Elite, Ford, and Wilhelmina Models. Once she finished her degree, she went to London to pursue her interests in photography and journalism.  Within 6 months of arriving in London, she was appointed Editor at Large of the British magazine “Don’t Tell It”, and began shooting editorials for many magazines in England, the US and Europe.

Over the years her work has sparked the interest of some of the world’s top creative directors, having been commissioned for British Vogue, GQ, Glamour, Marie Claire, Tatler, The Times, In Style, L’Officiel as well as many other international publications and advertising campaigns. She is currently represented internationally with agents in New York, London, and Milan.

Her career as a director began with her first short film, “City of Love” being featured at Cannes Film Festival in 2007.  Since then she has directed, produced and edited numerous short films while maintaining an active career as a photographer. In 2009 she produced and launched the multimedia publication XXXX MAGAZINE, showcasing original multimedia productions of fashion and video art films. The launch issue, The Kaleidoscopic Issue, was brought together through the collaboration of over 100 creative contributors.

In January 2010, her work was exhibited in a solo show in Paris at Visionairs Gallery, presenting large scale photographic images juxtaposed with her video art productions she directed for XXXX Magazine.  Other recent exhibits include Motion Deconstructed Exhibit with Quintessentiallly Art, New York June 2010,  Soiree Au Louvre Video Art Installation at the French Embassy, June 2010,  New York Fashion Shorts at the Tribeca Grand in September 2009, London Fashion Shorts at Machine –A Gallery in February 2010, View Imaging exhibit in New York in December 2009, and The Distorted Beauty show in April 2010. Her photography has also been chosen to appear in Dolce and Gabanna’s 20th Anniversary book curated by Fabien Baron, out in September 2010.

Indira and her work have been featured internationally on TV shows such as E! TV, Fashion TV, Entertainment Tonight, Inside Edition, HBO’s Special “Ford Supermodel of the World”, MTV, and  “Make me a Supermodel” UK and US editions. Recent TV broadcasts include an episode photographing Tinsley Mortimer on her TV show ‘HIGH SOCIETY’.


Hänschenklein is a collaboration between director Alex Herzog and musician Bernd Norbert Würtz and attempts to create music and a visualization of it.

The name of our “band” comes from a famous German nursery rhyme. The whole project started about 5 years ago – more or less as an experiment. The idea was to produce a musicvideo based on an audiovisual concept, which were to aplie for both sound and picture rather than scoring a finished film with a soundtrack or making a video for an allready existing music piece.  ? ?So far we’ve made 5 videos, which were and are still running on numerous film / art & media festivals, e.g.: the Impakt Media Art Festival in Holland in 2005, the New York Underground Film Festival in 2004 and the Independant Music Video Festival where Luftgitarre was voted number 1 by the Seattle screening audience in 2004. Luftgitarre and Don Quatro were also on rotation on 2 German music channels: Viva and Onyx. Don Quatro was also shown on Dutch TV as one of the Impakt favourites in 2005.Yinwanggitarre got a Jury mention at last year’s Independent Exposure. ? ?Encouraged by these numerous positive responses we decided to carry on, make more videos and realease the whole work as an DVD album, including a CD with extra music tracks.

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