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On the night of March 29th, the Stephen Petronio Company Benefit Committee held their annual gala which honored celebrated choreographer Yvonne Rainer for her radical and brave artistry that has profoundly impacted American dance, as well as American Express and Timothy J. McClimon for their forward-thinking mission of cultural support and preservation. Attendees witnessed the world premiere of Petronio’s new dance performance, Untitled Touch, with original score by Son Luxas well as Bloodlines Works by Yvonne Rainer, Steve Paxton and Anna Halprin.

This was the company’s third season of Bloodlines, an initiative that embodies works by the post-modern masters who have informed Petronio’s creative path. The program features a series of significant chamber works created by Yvonne Rainer: the iconic Trio A (1966), Chair Pillow(1969), and Diagonal (1963); an excerpt from Steve Paxton’s sinewy Goldberg Variations (1986); and Anna Halprin’s 1999 solo of seduction gender and aging, The Courtesan and the Crone, performed by Petronio himself.  Untitled Touch rounded out the night’s events. The original piece is driven by the immediacy of physical contact, with an original score by longtime collaborator SON LUX.

Over 200 guests attended, including Cindy Sherman, Harold Koda & Alan Kornberg, Nancy Spector, Greg Morey, Jill Brienza, Jung Lee, Adam & Lorraine Weinberg, Stephen Hannock, Scott & Kiki Kilgour, James Keith Brown & Eric Diefenbach, Malin Yhr, Alison Mazzola, Sylvia Mazzola, Zoe Silverman, Indira Cesarine, and Victoria Germyn.



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