The Oddities Flea Market on December 2nd at the Metropolitan Pavilion. Photography by Jillian McHugh

On Saturday, Dec 4th the Oddities Flea Market returned to New York at the Metropolitan Pavilion. Over 2,000 masked guests stopped by the one-day-only Holiday Market hosted by collector and osteologist Ryan Matthew Cohn (star of Discovery’s hit show Oddities) along with his wife and executive produce Regina Marie Cohn. The line snaked down all of 18th street and up to 6th Avenue for blocks as oddities enthusiasts waited in line to check out unique holiday gifts. Even fashion icon Lynn Yaeger commented on how they had the best line in NYC to the curators Ryan and Regina.

Curators Ryan and Regina in front of Nicolas Bruno’s “Somnia Tarot” sculpture. Photography by Jillian McHugh.

“We thought we’d sell 600 tickets and we sold far more than that.”  – Ryan Matthew Cohn

Real Housewives of New York’s Leah McSweeney stopped by in athleisure and sans makeup to buy some gifts for friends and family. She was seen fawning over the Rebel and Outlaw candles known for their spells for love, balance, harmony, and even a candle to energize and align. TV personality known for Bravo’s Queer Eye – Carson Kressley was spotted checking out cheeky teacups by Melissa Johnson with phrases like “Stop Talking” and “Queen” on them. Other notables who stopped by included Miss J. Alexander, Jihae from HBO’s hit show Succession, Steve Gold of Million Dollar Listing New York, author Jill Kargman, DJ fashion it-duo The Muses, rockers Blonde Redhead and model & actress Michele Hicks, who was seen leaving with many bags of goodies.

Curators Ryan and Regina talking with Miss J. Alexander and friend. Photography by Stephanie Gotch

With over 100 vendors, the eccentric array of ephemera and curios included objects such as osteological specimens, taxidermy, dark arts, jewelry, home decor, ornaments, and more. In addition, guests were treated to Nicolas Bruno’s sculpture “Inviato”.

Julia Keesler’s “Museo Study” booth at the Oddities Flea Market. Photographed by Jillian McHugh

“The idea behind Museo Study was to create a piece of art that people can have in their home that they can light on fire if they wanted to. The whole idea is that you incrementally burn them and then they turn into a new piece of art, you know rather than like lighting it for ambiance.” – Julia Keesler


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“Red Scale” booth at the Oddities Flea Market. Photography by Stephanie Gotch
Photography by Stephanie Gotch
Photography by Stephanie Gotch

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